Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Wool Crazies…

…have definitely hit the Clubhouse Quilters!!  They have gone WOOL WILD!  Just look at what has been happening…

Anne is almost finished her sweet little Stocking Penny Rug…adorable, don’t you think?  Those gingerbread men are the size of a thumbnail…very cute!

Anne bought the kit to Cathi’s Penny “Stockings of Joy” at the Wool Lady’s Shop in Temecula…and she is so happy that she did!!


Yup, dang cute!!


Kim was busy cutting out this little Wall Hanging…there are wool flowers on each of the corners!  She bought the wool while at the Wool Lady’s Shop…


And Seattle Judy pulled out THIS GEM!!


It’s a BOM called “Sheep in the Willows” and it is going to be GORGEOUS!!  Just look at the blocks that Judy has completed!


Another DANG cute project!!



Tah-Dah!!  Gwen has finished her FIRST ever wool project…and what a project it is!!  This is not a project for the weak of heart! 


Just look at those itty-bitty pieces!!…AND her gorgeous stitching!


I wanted to show you the vibrant colours in this runner so I took it outside to snap pictures…I wanted to do it justice..but all I seem to have captured are my new Sketcher shoes (cute aren’t they!!:)


So there you have it…we have a bunch of Crazies…Wool Crazies, that is, running a muck in our park…and I’m LIKING IT!  Ohhhhh Yeah!


I wonder if this means another trip to the Wool Lady’s Shop is in order?  You see, there is a method to my madness…:}

Have a Super Saturday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. Wow, wow, wow! Everyone is making some adorable projects. I wanna come play! :-)

  2. Love the wool pieces. I have so many things to start this year, guess I better finish the old ones;) I bought some soft gingerbread buttons, that would be a good project to use them in.


  3. YUP! Going' there today( with the seesters) - well said, Paulette!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Wowzers! All are fantastic! Wish I could join you Crazies! Alas, however, I finally get to sew all day today. Hoping to get to some UFO quilting projects...keep having fun!

  5. The wool mat with stockings is a cutie. And I have those Buttermilk Basin sheep patterns. They were shown on the website as having just touches of wool and the rest embroidery. I like them with all the wool and just a touch of embroidery. I need to dig mine out and do something with them. Are you going to make them?

  6. It's sooo odd that I opened up my blog list for the first time in weeks and the first thing I saw was the picture of "stockings of joy"! I'm so honored to be able to help others get addicted to wool!
    Thank you for sharing that. :)

  7. Love how you are spreading the Woolie love!! Just ordered my next wool pattern!! Keep those pics comin'!!

  8. I can't believe that is Gwen's first wool project... it is awesome! I've never done wool but would like to try a simple kit sometime. By the way, I'm jealous of all the fun you are having!!!

  9. I love have me so inspired...I want to go and do something.

  10. What gorgeous projects - especially love that last one, wow! You are just the best enabler, lol!

  11. Maybe you can talk Rick into buying a herd of them there alpacas he's so fond of! If not, maybe a herd of sheep! If not, maybe a big bag of wool. Those projects make it look fantastic...need more wool...lots more!