Saturday, January 28, 2012


Yikes!  I have missed reporting on TWO weeks of Clubhouse Quilting!  I am going to get FIRED…or worse…KICKED OUT OF THE GROUP!! 

Sheesh…I guess I have been busy…??  What… it’s the END of January…ALREADY??

So here we have the condensed version of two weeks of Clubhouse work…I mean PLAY..~

Seina has finished her wonky batik quilt…it is huge and gorgeous and waiting for her long arm back home…

P1160806 - Copy

…a close-up just for you!

P1160807 - Copy

Here is another of Seina’s finished quilts…just lovely!!

P1160838 - Copy

Chris is HERE!!  And she’s all decked out in diamonds…well…maybe not diamonds…but something BETTER!!  Isn’t it cute?!  She wears it while she hand appliques..

P1160842 - Copy

Look.. it’s made from a bottle top…(the top has two holes punched to thread an elastic through)…very clever!

P1160843 - Copy

This is what Chris is working on…(LOVING IT!!)

P1160845 - Copy

..from this pattern…AND YES those are Civil War fabrics!!  No wonder Chris and I get along SEW well!! heeehee

P1160844 - Copy

Grandma Karen has finished Guitar Quilt for one of her grandsons…just wonderful!!

P1160846 - Copy

Zooming in for a close-up…Yup, it’s ROCKIN’!

P1160848 - Copy

You aren’t seeing double..Karen has TWO guitar loving grandson’s…


Her grandsons are going to be THRILLED!!  The first guitar was appliqued on and this one has been machine stitched on using white thread…VERY clever!


This little thread catcher caught my attention…I think it was on Carolann’s table!!  It was a quilty gift from a friend!

P1160852 - Copy

Kim was working on this sweet little wall hanging~

P1160868 - Copy

The pattern…

P1160865 - Copy

..came from this book.

P1160866 - Copy

The Lil’Twister ruler is making it’s rounds…SEW much fun…and easy too!!

This is Anne’s Lil’Beauty…

P1160860 - Copy

And this is Deb’s!

P1160869 - Copy

Deb started and finished this ‘LOVE’ly runner all in one session!!  Fast, easy and so adorable…and so is the runner!! haha

P1160871 - Copy

Anne continues to plug away on her Apples!  Tons of work in this little wall hanging…but so worth it!

P1160872 - Copy

Gwen has started something new…VERY cute…BUT the pattern had an error in the size of one of the blocks…which caused us all to get involve to try and figure it out!!  Don’t you HATE when the pattern is wrong!

P1160873 - Copy

Seattle Judy was hard at work…she is SEW organized…look at her little soldiers marching off to the machine….

P1170024 come out looking like THIS!!  I am going to LOVE this CIVIL WAR quilt!!P1170025

Here’s the pattern that she is using!!  Gorgeous!!


And Kim got out her lovely little bundle (bought during Black Friday’s madness from Green Fairy!) and actually CUT it up into…


..THESE!!  Stay tuned!!


Carolann is busy quilting this cozy quilt…for a cabin back home…where you actually need a warm and wonderful quilt!


SEW there you have it!!  Maybe now the ‘girls’ will let me back into the Clubhouse on Wednesday!!  Do ya’ think??

Have a SUPER Saturday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. Thanks so much for sharing. Seeing everyone's work inspires me to get off the computer and do something creative.

  2. What great projects. Love the appliquer's ring. That's a great piece of bling.

  3. I'm off to make one of those cute thread catchers!!

  4. Lots of wonderful projects and such diversity, would be nice to work with others and learn and share, with each other.


  5. Those Club House Quilters are very busy gals. I bought that pattern, The Long Road Home, and have hauled it out quite a few times over the past few weeks. Now, after seeing Seattle Judy's quilt in progress, I'm definitely going to get working on it. The pattern is right beside my computer as we speak!

  6. you are back in the 'good books' or rather 'blogs' once again!..fine reporting job!!

  7. wow 2 weeks and look what happened!

  8. Wow, sure some nice looking things, there, Paulette. You sure know how to bring us up to date on things! My Donna has been making some really cute doll dresses with some left over lace and fabrics she's got around here. Yesterday we cut down a piece of wood and put legs on it, so she can cover it and use it as an ironing board for those small dresses! She's enjoying sewing things again...and making such cute dresses!

  9. Lots of great projects - I love when you share everything the Clubhouse quilters do. So much talent under one roof and RV resort.

  10. Never a dull moment in your club house right. The batik quilt is stunning, I'm in awe whenever there are curves involved.

  11. Looks like everyone is busy with beautiful projects. Love the little twister in just 2 colors. Haven't tried that yet. Seems like there is always great inspiration coming from the clubhouse!

  12. Love your quilt group reports. Inspirational. What a fun group too! If they want to fire you let me know, as I'll raise cain.....would be difficult to not get "your" great reports.


  13. I like the gentle curves on the batik blocks. Very pretty.
    The apple quilt got my attention. I love apples. Good design and good work.

  14. There are lots of gorgeous pieces but my favorite is the wavy batiks- it is stunning- I love the colors and the movement of the piece. It is going to be fabulous on a bed in someone's house.

  15. Great projects...what inspiration for everyone!

  16. Hi Paulette!
    what a great group, no wonder you all have sew much fun!
    The little thread catcher, was a free pattern in the Moda Blog Hop before Christmas, maybe the County Fair blog hop?
    Take care, Leslie

  17. I love your report! You gals are sure hard working and talented!

  18. I am sew glad I don't have to pick a favourite - there's a lot of talent in your group. Talent and friendship and sunshine. It can't get much better than that can it?