Monday, January 9, 2012

FUN in the Sun!

YIKES!  It’s Monday already and I haven’t shown you the pictures from last weeks Clubhouse Quilting…too many things happening in blogland!

Karen has been REALLY busy!!  This week, while the rest of us were gallivanting across the countryside, Karen has been in her 5th wheel sewing…she has finished putting together the blocks for a new quilt…this time for her grandson! If you look at the fabric there is a musical theme happening.  Her grandson is 10 years old and plays the guitar and he picked out this fabric. 


Now look closely at this you see the guitar on the bottom strip…well Karen took her fabric to Staples and photocopied the pictures of the guitars and then blew them up….


…really BIG!

P1160715 this size!  Then she cut out the ones that she liked and used them as templates…P1160717

and cut out fabric guitars to applique on her quilt!  Cool or what!!  Remember this is Karen FIRST YEAR of quilting and her first attempt at applique!  WOW!!  I can’t wait to see this quilt finished!


Look what Kim made using my Accuquilt GO! Fabric cutter!  The cutest basket quilt EVER!


Using ONE charm pack, she was able to cut out 40 baskets…enough to make TWO table toppers this size and ONE runner!!


Dang cute…oh and did I mention, after making these three projects lickity split…Kim ordered her own GO! machine and various dies!  GO! KIM! GO!


Another quilter who doesn’t sleep is Anne!!  Look at what she has started and almost finished!!  She is machine appliqueing this using straight stitch and it is stunning!!  Her use of fabrics is incredible…her batik stash must be HUGE!


Love the stitching…


Like I said…no sleep for this gal!!  Here’s the rest of the quilt!!  Another one where I can’t wait to see the end product!


Gwen jumped on Temecula’s ‘12 Days of Christmas Quilt Along’…and is doing a wonderful job!  I was surprised at how small the blocks are!  I’m sure this little beauty will be together, quilted and bound by next week!  Another non-sleeper!


A ‘new’ gal, Carolanne was making Potato Bags to sell at a Craft Fair.


Here’s an example of a finished one!  These little bags are wonderful…wrap your potato in paper towel, place in the bag and nuke for a few minutes in your microwave for an ‘oven baked’ potato!  Delicious!


Carolanne even brought her Serger to get the job done!  Got to love it!


Deb said she didn’t want me to take pictures of her finishing up her quilt…from last week…and the week before!! Well let me tell you that Deb SLEEPS after she has had FUN in the SUN all day long!! haha

And your quilt is looking wonderful, Deb!


And Siena is finishing up her wonky batik which is KING size!!  She finished this topper as I was cleaning up and I had already packed my camera away.  You will have to wait to see the finished picture of this stunner! 


Whew!  It always amazes me to see what everyone has accomplished in a week!!  The project that I am currently working on is under wraps and is of the highest, strictest, most  confidential of secret missions…I hear there is another Blog Hop in the works…:)

Well it’s off to Yoga and then Beading at 10…maybe a trip to the pool in the afternoon…yah, this Snowbirding is work…a lot of work and I’m sticking to this story!

Have a Magical Monday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. Just keep up that work snowbirding Paulette! We're heading to FL next week.

  2. I can see that snowbirding is a lot of work. My goodness how do YOU do it? LOL

    Lots of talented ladies!

  3. So much work.... no play time? LOL You girls have been very busy with all your work...very pretty projects. I love the guitar quilt! enjoy!!!

  4. Your project for a Blog HOP! That sounds like fun. You're all about the FUN! Good to see more doing the 12 days mini quilt, it got me too. LOL. Have a great week.

  5. What amazing quilts and love the guitar theme, fun and different.


  6. Wow!!! I must say things are so beautiful!! That bear block is all of the work.

  7. After reading this post I need a nap! wonderful!

  8. So many fun projects. The guitar idea is sure a clever one.

  9. Paulette, you sure do have a bunch of talented women there with you! I think it would be really hard to do all that stuff...but hey...I'm a guy...what do I know!?

  10. What fun to see everyone's projects, they're lovely!

  11. You are one busy group. Love all the projects. Great inspiration.