Wednesday, January 4, 2012

First Trip to the Calico Horse…in 2012!

My Civil War/Wool Crazy buddy, Seattle Judy is FINALY HERE so of course you KNOW what that means…yup..a trip to one of our FAVOURITE Quilt Shops…Calico Horse, in Redlands, CA!!

Why is it whenever I go to Calico Horse I start singing that song.. “Back in the Saddle agaaaaain”?  What’s with that?  I love this shop and so does Judy!!  And nothing is better than going to a favourite shop with someone who gushes as much as you do!  AND GUSH we did!!

The Calico Horse was all decked out for Valentine’s Day!!  SEW pretty!!  That is ANOTHER thing that I like about the Calico Horse, every time I go there are new and different displays…I really do need to go once a week to keep up with them!! :)


A new BOM was hanging and in MY colours!!  Loved it!


Such lovely displays all over the shop…


A basket of these books caught our eye…this one was my favourite…it’s wool applique on cotton…Sew Tweet!!


I had to buy the pattern…


This one was Judy’s favourite and of course she had to buy the pattern.  We might have to swap patterns when we are finished making ours!


Here’s what it looks like inside the book…very nice!


Calico Horse was having a SALE!!  All kits were 30- 40% off…so both Judy and I bought several kits…I mean REALLY they were practically FREE!  At least that’s what I told my hubby!

Such lovely fabric inside each kit!


LOVED the colours in this little package!!  My colours…


And I NEEDED some red and whites for a Blog Hop that I am in…the stack to the right and top were part of a kit…and the rest are FQs.


Yes, we did OK…Judy’s pile was even bigger!!  We both left the Calico Horse with smiles on our faces and a “We’ll be BACK!!” and a wave to Donna, the shops owner…such a NICE lady!!

Before I go I need to show you what Seattle Judy gifted me!!  ‘Farm Fresh’ by Buggy Barn…I have been drooling over this book since it was released…LOVE THIS BOOK!!


And Judy also made this sweet card holder…notice the coffee cups and beans?  This little holder is for my…


..Starbucks Card!!  Both Judy and I are Starbucks lovers and every ‘outing’ always ends at Starbucks!!


I’m so glad Seattle Judy is back in town!!  What could be sweeter…a CW Quilt Shop, a trip to Starbucks and a friend to share it with!!  Thanks Judy!

…AND thanks to my hubby for driving us and having to listen to Quilty talk all the way there and back! :)  He’s one in a million!

I promised you a look at my GO! Spotlight Feature, which was suppose to be released today…I will blog about it the minute it’s out!! 

Have a wicked Wednesday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. Yet another inspirational post! You have brightened my future - when all my kiddos leave the nest, I will be able to use my grocery money to buy fabric! LOL! Beautiful fabric - lovely shop and how fun to be able to share it all with a friend :)

  2. Oh, my! I LOVE all those red and whites....and all the other fabrics. Great finds!!!

  3. Love the wool kits - so cute! and on sale, too! I'm so jealous. Don't think I'll be finding any wool on Kauai, but I am looking into taking a course at one of the quilt shops there. Would be fun to meet some Island quilters.

  4. I love the valentines display with the quilt, heart and Happy Valentines sign. You came home with a car load.

  5. What a great shop! Thanks for letting us go along- I would be happy to join you and gush about this gem! LOL - love the wool applique. Those are both great patterns - Happy stitching!

  6. What a gorgeous selection of fabrics. You really know how to pick them, Paulette. The reds are great, especially the one at the top of the photo with, what looks like, poinsettias. The little card holder is so perfect. Have a fun day looking through all your goodies again and again and again!lol

  7. oooh, loved the piles of color in your kits and fat quarters. I can see why you love that shop so much, and you are right, nothing better than a friend to share, both quilting and starbucks. You have inspired me again.

  8. Oh my gosh, what fun! Sounds like such a fun trip - there's nothing like sharing the passion!! Love your Buttonwillow Designs finds!

  9. I love those fabrics, need a quilt store fix for me, lol.
    Better off if I stay home;)


  10. Love your purchases and I'm soooooo looking forward to your Spotlight feature. Can't wait to see it!

  11. Paulette you scorched big. Those were definitely great buys. I made the farm fresh quilt. You will love it.

  12. Oh how I wish I were there...Wish you had shopped for me...trying to pick out my favorite purchase....thanks for sharing....

  13. what a fabulous shop!!! My fabric diet makes me want to cry!

  14. I think that I could get lost, never to be found, in such a beautiful store.

  15. Ohhh, what a fun, fun day!! Thanks for sharing the pics- looks like an awesome shop!! Love the little card holder and such a great friend to think of you! So nice of hubby too- what a great sport!!:)