Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The BAG at the Party…

I bet I have your attention!!  Who was the the BAG at the Party you ask…and what did she do?  Well it wasn’t so much as what SHE DID…it was HOW she LOOKED!!

  Here are most of the Clubhouse Quilters..and I have to tell you, we had a blast celebrating Gwen’s birthday!  MIA are Calgary Judy and Phyllis…so we KNOW it’s wasn’t them! There is Gwen on the RIGHT way down…towards the end of the table with only half of her face showing!  And we KNOW she would NEVER be a BAG!!   BUT there was a BAG in our midst…and we all sucked in our breath when she showed her real face!!


Here SHE is!!  Gorgeous isn’t she!!  Made in blacks, greys and taupes…and all hand woven from…



BUT still, none the less, a BAG!  She is the perfect size…easy to get at things…and sturdy…why I bet this baby will last FOREVER!!!!  Chris bought her at a Shoe Shop in Salmon Arm, BC!  But thanks to the Internet…


..WE can all buy one!!  Hurry over and have a look!!  Bet you want a BAG of your own!!


SEAT BELT STRAPS…hmmm…I wonder how they would be in a quilt…?


Just a reminder about SEW CAL GAL’S “GO! Ahead and Show Some LOVE” Blog Hop happening from Feb. 13- 18th. 


All of the Blog Hop participants are busy sewing like crazy…here’s a little snippet of what I have in the works!!  The THEME is Valentine’s or Red and White…or both!  Hmmmm…wonder which one I picked?!


My day is Feb. 18th…less than a month to get this baby quilted!!  Stay tuned!

Have a magical Monday and Happy Quilting!!~P


  1. Oh my, I bet that bag really WOULD last forever! LOL Love the sneaky peek at your project...looking forward to the hop!

  2. thanks for all the info, I'm looking forward to it.

  3. Hey the bags are coming back in again....my daughter had one years ago...that had a long strap to wear across you. And it was connected with the seat belt buckle from a Buick....it was the coolest purse....

    Love the valentine peek....

  4. I think those seat belt bags are the bomb. This design is especially cool - what a great shape!

  5. Good heavens Paulette, now I HAVE seen everything lol! What'll they come out with next!!

  6. Cool bag! who'd have thought of seat belts? not me. :)

  7. When id use to bring my mercedes to have it serviced, they sold these....
    Love it!

  8. nice bag but even nicer snippet!!

  9. Yep, what's old is new again! I remember those bags from about 20 years ago.

    Love your quilt.

  10. Love the bag-what a great idea for upcycling!
    Ok, Ms. P! Just saw your wonderful Hexie Snowman runner/tutorial over at AccuQuilt - TOO CUTE! I want one! Well done!