Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Road to California Quilt Show 2012…part 3

Oh yeah…it’s a Quilt Show…I better show you some of the magnificent quilts that were hanging at the Road to California!! 

I know…I know…(my head is hanging in shame…) I have only got pictures of the quilts that I would LOVE to make…I didn’t take pictures of the quilts that were OUT OF THIS WORLD, OVER THE THE TOP, TAKES FIFTY YEARS TO MAKE, NOT IN THIS LIFETIME kind of quilts…and believe me there were hundreds of those quilts!  This year the theme seemed to be ‘cover them in rhinestone’…nope didn’t take one picture of those!

This was my favourite!!  ‘Gorgeous’ does not do it justice…and the quilting was exquisite!!


The colours in this quilt were wonderful…and it was HUGE!


I do love poppies…and these were magnificent…can you see the thread work?


WOW!! A million pieces!!


A yoyo quilt..very sweet!


A magnificent crazy quilt!!  Stunning!




…sew much that I took TWO pictures!! haha


A great quilt to do to use up those scraps…


When I read Sew Cal Gal’s blog yesterday and realized that Leah Day (the Queen of FMQ!!) had a quilt on display I KICKED myself!! MISSED IT!! I would have loved to have seen it in real life!!  Then I got an email from my friend, Anne and she told me that Joy, a local guild member from the Cowichan Valley, also had a quilt on display…Missed that one too!!  The truth be known (head hanging a little lower) I didn’t see A LOT of the quilts…It was all about the vendors for me…SHAME ON ME!!  Thirty lashes with a wet fat quarter!  I feel SEW bad…

BUT…there is the LOOT!!  You have got to see the LOOT!!  {happy dance..with head hanging:}

I found these Seasonal Little Gatherings…not at the Primitive Gatherings’ booth (they hadn’t arrived there!) but at someone else’s booth!  Two packages were on Claire’s wish list and two for me!


I was on the hunt for Japanese Daiwabo fabric…


And I found most of this at the Heart to Hand booth and at Pinwheels….


I will be using these to make this quilt…or a mixture of these quilts… “My Garden Quilt” and “Heart & Home  Quilt” from Heart to Hand.  LOVE these quilts!!P1160961

I also saw this little wool work hanging in the Primitive Gatherings booth…and it was calling my name…


And then there was THE WOOL!!  Ohhhhh so soft and mottled…


I am low on blues and greens…so that’s what I concentrated on!!


And have you seen these little charm packs that you can buy at Primitive Gatherings…a nice way to build up your stash of colours!! They range in price from $12 to $18.


So there you have it!  Another year at the Road to California Quilt Show!!…done…I tell you it just gets bigger and better every year!!  Hope you enjoyed tagging along…

Have a SUNNY Sunday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. Oh, be still my heart! Your selections are wonderful. As a dear friend of mine used to say: "I wish that was mine and you had something better" to get around the commandment to not be jealous (smile). Seriously, you deserve the best to do your beautiful work.

  2. Do you still have my address to send it to, lol.
    I love that first quilt, really beautiful, I want to make one, but I doubt mine would look that nice;) I also like the sheep lady, that is a nice piece. I hope they have the wool pattern company at our show, will need a buy fix by then.


  3. Oh my - seriously hyperventilating here!!! Yes, the quilts are wonderful but that's not the reason for my hyperventilating - it's your fabulous LOOT. Love it all!!!!

    I did enjoy tagging along - thank you.

  4. I'll take the little Proverbs piece.... Love it. I may have to search the internet for that one!

  5. Okay, you are going to get me into trouble... I just left Primitive Gatherings website. I ordered the Proverbs kit AND a little bundle of wool. ;-)

  6. Thank you for the tour of some of the most delicious eye candy I've ever seen! I wish I could be there myself. The ideas that spring forth from these artistic souls is amazing.


  7. I so enjoyed tagging along. Looking at all that beautiful wool was fabulous. And your patterns, how cute. I think when you don't have many quilt shops nearby, it definitely is all about the merchants mall at a quilt show. It's so exciting to have so many shops all in one place. A chance to really go crazy.

  8. I just want to touch all your wool! Loved the tour this week - thanks! :)

  9. We would be partner's in crime, my quilt show adventures are vendors first, quilts second. Of course, special vendors are visited first. Some times our time runs out and I never see the quilts. Do I feel bad, no. BTW--love all your loot.

  10. I think most of us stalk the vendors first, important to get that stash built and look at the quilts later after the exhaust search is over.

  11. Oh Wow! Oh Wow!

    Thanks for taking us with you I only wish it was for real. I'm sure there is no equivalent in NZ. While I appreciate you shopping it was the crazy picture quilt that did it for me. It looks SEW amazing. I wish, I wish .....

    OK if we ever get to USA I want to time our trip for one of these quilting events.

    Keep on having fun in the sun. It looks as though we might have a sunny day ... it's been a weird summer so far.


  12. Lovely way to start the day. Beautiful quilts and shopping without spending. Thanks.

  13. Paulette, I love all your purchases and the fabulous pictures you took of the quilts. I made a cathedral window and it gets so heavy as it gets bigger but definitely a great project. Your new project is going to be spectacular.

  14. OMG Paulette!! Gorgeous pictures of everything- thanks so much for sharing!!:) Looks like you had a ball and will be busy with all your purchases!! Thanks for letting us tag along!! :)

  15. how in the world did I miss those wool bundles??? maybe because the prim gatherings booth was SO CROWDED I couldnt see anything!!!! wow, Im so sad, I would have bought some!!!!! werent the quilts just gorgeous!!!!!

  16. sure sounds like the 'congo line' had a great time!! many quilts and so little time!!!