Sunday, January 15, 2012

New BOM in Town and SCORE!!

Yahoo!!  Thanks Mary for the heads up on THIS one!!  Raspberry Rabbits Blog has posted their first Adventures of Harrington and Hannah BOM block and it is a WINNER!!  Bells and whistles went off for Mary all the way over at Quilt Hollow and they continued ringing over here at Sweet P’s!!  All over the world bells and whistles will be ringing today!  We better send out a warning…be prepared… IT’S GOING TO BE NOISSSSSYY!!


I love the way the rabbits look like REAL rabbits…and of course I love the way they are made of WOOL!!  You can download your pattern from Raspberry Rabbits HERE

A BIG THANK YOU to Raspberry Rabbits Blog for being so generous with their patterns!!  We appreciate it…don’t we!!?

Speaking of NOISE…did you hear my big “SCORE” yesterday!! Yes, it was heard all the way down to LA!!

I just HAVE to share my loot from yesterdays sale…Now there is a quilting shop in town…it’s not my favourite…in fact I rarely go there.  I know…I know…hard to believe…but true!  I have been here 2 1/2 months and I still haven’t ventured over.  WHY?  Well it’s because I never find anything that’s calling my name.  In the five years that we have been coming here I think I have bought a package of Thangles there…and that’s it!  Pretty sad!  So when I got an email that they were having a Sale I ‘almost’ didn’t go…

BUT GO I DID!!  SCORE!!  Just feast your eyes on my LOOT!!

Miscellaneous loot…ranging in price from 10cents to $1!!  I’m really excited about the marking cloth (50cents) and the tray with 4” squares for organizing those smaller projects (10cents!!  YES..10 CENTS…gosh you can’t even buy a gum for 10 cents!!)


Beads for 50 cents a package…


And these little bundles…ranging in price from $6-10! 


Each piece of fabric is at least a fat quarter to half yard cut!  Score!!


I love the Aunt Grace vintage looking fabric!!  I can see baby quilts out of these little bundles!


And a bundle of polka dot goodness!!


And an Art to Heart book for $1!


So there you have it…not too shabby from a shop that I might just visit a little more often!! :)

Have a SUNNY Sunday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. Score! You did! That books looks very interesting! Love the rabbit block... that will be a fun BOM.

  2. Good score! That's the shop where I bought quite a bit of Aunt Grace fabric when we down there....

  3. Thanks for sharing the link for the BOM. Oh, so lovely! You certainly did score with your loot, such pretty fabrics and you'll enjoy the book. I have Before Christmas also and I have made four of the stockings. Have a great day!

  4. really did get a buy...that is even a better deal than Goodwill!!!

    I am so gonna do that BOM!

  5. Girl, you made out like a bandit!! Totally awesome loot! :D
    Love the wool hexie runner in the previous post. Altho I don't have a GO cutter I think I could still do this one. :) Thanks for sharing it.

  6. ACK! That would have been better than airplanes! I am getting the shakes just thinking about q withdrawal these days..... what a score, Paulette!

  7. Great deals! I really need to go shopping with you.

  8. That bunny block is adorable! I love the droopy ear on the one little bunny. Great scores at the sale! I love those dots, too!

  9. the block is too cute....and your finds are wonderful!!

  10. Start the car, Start the car-this should be an Ikea commercial. Your wool Hexagon runner was just darling too P. I bow to you.

  11. Wow, you scored again! Thanks for the tip for the BOM. I'm heading over there now! Few inches of snow here this weekend; blow some of your sun and warmth our way!

  12. Wow you really scored at the quilt store - awesome buys!

    I am crazy about Harrington and Hannah - OMG - they are beyond adorable. I'm so in!!! LOL

  13. Awesome goodies.You get beautiful buys!

  14. Good for you!!! You are the best shopper I've ever seen. Wait till I show you what I snagged at a silent auction at the chili feed last night for $3. I'll try to email photos soon.

  15. I am so in love with Shell's new bom - can't wait to start it! Great score at that shop, maybe you do need to go more often, lol!

  16. You do find the deals Paulette- I love your bundles- I am a fan of 30's fabrics and those are some very pretty collections.
    Thanks for sharing your loot- I can admire it from a far- love those beads too- but then you know that I am a bead kind of girl..
    Happy New Year to you and yours,

  17. Well now! I wish I was there! Love the fabric bundles. Glad you went too!

  18. ok...I am jealous of your finds!!!!