Saturday, January 21, 2012

Road to California…Part 2!

So here we are, still at the Road to California…hope you slept well…and have recovered from being in the Primitive Gathering booth as well as Heart to Hand Booth!

Let’s continue…this quilt was on the side wall to the Heart to Hand booth…lovely!!  AND after reading Anna’s blog (Woolie Mammoth)yesterday, I discovered that the pattern for this quilt is in the Winter Special Edition of Quiltmania magazine!!  (If you go to Quiltmania you can see many of the gorgeous quilts in this Special Edition).  I know…so much to see…so much to do!! (Please excuse the MUG shot of the stranger…sorry about that!)


On to Pinwheel Booth…they specialize in Japanese fabrics…and lovely patterns. Such wonderful fabric but their selection of fabric wasn’t as plentiful as last year(…later I wondered if perhaps this could be the result of the devastation that Japan has been going through…)


Sorry this picture is so dark…but you get an idea of how beautiful their patterns and designs are!  Most of these quilts seemed to be sold as BOMs that you sign up for.  Just gorgeous!


The crowds were thick…but you eventually get to where you want to go!!


The fella manning this booth was VERY nice…he saw my camera in hand and told me to snap away!!  Whenever I bought something, I always asked if I could take pics….  I never had anyone say no…but several times there were PA announcements saying no pictures of booths…so I guess this was not the norm!


Lovely wool work in this booth and reasonably priced wool!!  (I noticed that the price for wool and fabric has gone up since last year…but not enough to hamper spending…:) 


I always LOVE going to the Wooden Spool’s Booth!!  The husband and wife team are ALWAYS friendly and nice and always say ‘SNAP away’!


Here’s Debbie, the talented designer behind the Wooden Spool Designs!  She is SEW SWEET!


Their wool…see the stacks on the chairs…is to ‘dye’ for!!  Lovely stuff!!


And what a gorgeous display!P1160907

I LOVED this booth…can’t remember the name of it!!  But they let me take pictures…I always try to get the name of the booth..but I don’t see it!!  They had wonderful wool pennies, tons of Charm Packs and pre-cuts,  retro fabrics and wool…heaven!!


Oh…I see a sign…It’s the “Stitch On Needlework’s” booth …it was lovely with tons to look at and buy!!


Look at their 30’s fabrics!


Hey, it’s the Calico Horse from Redlands!!  Their booth was wonderful…just LOOK at those quilts!!  Magnificent!!


Ohhhh the lucky quilters who live near this shop!!


Ahhhh-haaah! THIS is the ‘Stitch in Time’ booth!  Now when I asked to take pictures of this booth the owner said she was retiring and wouldn’t be back next SNAP away!!  So sad!!  I’m going to miss this booth…such lovely stitcheries…and because she was retiring she was selling her stuff for CHEAP! 


Lots of eye candy in her booth!!P1160923

I took a picture of this quilt because I own the pattern…{which I had forgotten about}…I would use different colours in this quilt but isn’t this sweet!  I love the way they framed the stitchery with a narrow frame followed by the band of stitchery and then the wider border!!  Very nice…may have to dust off that pattern!!


I also own this CAMPING pattern…very cute!!  I bet I put it with the little Houses pattern…P1160925

So that’s it for the booths…whew!! 

Isn’t it funny when you take pictures, you see everything all over again in a new light!!  AND you see things that you may have bought…or would have looked at longer…like really looked at the background fabric or how they quilted it…so much overload when you attend a Quilt Show that you don’t take time for the small details!! 

I NEED to go back!!  haha

Tomorrow I need to show you a few of the magnificent quilts at the Road to California and some of my LOOT!!  (I still haven’t put it away…need to look at it…and feel it some more…;)

Have a SUPER SPECIAL Saturday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. Lots of great booths and I think I would have gone crazy with half priced stitcheries.


  2. Thank you so much for showing all the lovely wools! Gave me some great ideas were to purchase wool, Idaho is a little short on wool fabrics!

  3. great GREAT posts! I'm tired all over again! Or, can I make it back there today??

  4. Looks like you are having way too much fun!

  5. Looks like a great show. Can you tell me who made the Camp quilt pattern? It's adorable and we are big campers over here.

  6. That was great - I needed a "shopping" trip today without spending money and I got it!! Too bad you guys didn't have fun - ha ha!!!

  7. Thanks for taking all of these pictures at the show. I have really enjoyed seeing everything, it makes me feel like I was there.

  8. Thanks, Paulette, for sharing all the wonderful things from the Road to California that made us all drool. Can't wait to see your loot!

  9. Thanks for the great tour! I'm anxious to see what you bought. Have a good weekend!

  10. I had fun shopping with you again today. My bag would have been heavy with all the beautiful wools.

    Nancy in MT

  11. The embroidery quilt with the camping designs looks interesting. Whip that one up really fast and sometime soon.

  12. You did a great job checking out the vendors. Thanks for sharing your insights. I feel like I'm back at the show today.


  13. I do believe you are the best quilt show commentator ever! Makes me feel like I was there .... except for the bruises from all the shoving. Looks like you all had a great time.

  14. That was a wonderful blog post. I loved all the booths and it felt like being there. Thanks for sharing. I would love to attend.

  15. So much fun...thanks for sharing your good times with us....maybe one day I'll get there! :)

  16. Okay, that's it! I'm spending next winter with YOU! Wow, what a quilt show and you are having the time of your life.... go you!!!

  17. that booth that you cant remember the name of, I dropped a lot of my cash in there especially on the valentine patterns in the front. It was a great booth!!!!

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