Friday, January 27, 2012

A Gift EVERY Month!

                  Join us in making a Christmas present each month.

Yahoo I got’er done!  Whew…maybe not in time for Christmas but in time for Darlene (Quilting Daze) and Cheryl’s (Polka Dot and Rick Rack Blog) Christmas Through the Year!!  I have completed my first gift made for next Christmas…ELEVEN months early!!  Thanks, Darlene and Cheryl, for the PUSH!!

January’s Christmas Gift is this Lil’Twister! 


Sorry about the terrible pics…I was going to wait for some outside shots…but it doesn’t get light until close to 7 am…and I got to get this post done!!


Let’s zoom in for a close up…


It’s looking right at home on my chair!  I hope it doesn’t get too comfy because next year I plan on getting rid of this chair to set up a permanent sewing table!!!  Can’t wait…(right now I put up and take down a table whenever I want to sew…which is a Royal Pain in the patootie!!)


So this Lil’ Guy will get put away for next Christmas..I just hope I can remember where I put it…(been there…DONE THAT!!)

Have a FUN Friday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. WooHoo - a Christmas Through the Year January finish! I love it.

    Thank you for playing with us.

  2. Do you have one calendar that you use all the time? Why not write down where you put the little quilt on December's page and that way, you can find it. I always forget things and then find them after Christmas. It's almost getting embarrassing.

  3. LOVE your Christmas finish! I was thinking the same thing...will I remember where I put these wonderful gifts? LOL!

  4. Too cute! And hand stitched too. A perfectly lovely gift.

  5. You are working on my king size Baltimore Album quilt that will be hand quilted aren't you? That's what I want for Christmas. LOL! I would drop down dead if you sent me one and never get to enjoy it.

  6. Love your colour choices

  7. You know I love it P and so happy to hear you're going to have a permanent sewing table.

  8. Love does look very nice in your "summer" abode...are you sure this is going to be a gift? Giggle...

  9. I love it---the colors are gorgeous!

  10. Just perfect for Christmas or an impromptu gift during the year. You will be ready for anything.

  11. what a lovely gift that will be!..nice colours too!!