Monday, June 13, 2011

She Shoots…She SCORES!!

Yup, this Canuck scored big time!!  Yesterday I took you to the Quilter’s Dream Garage Sale…now you get to see the best part…the loot!! 

Now I hope you don’t think that I am bragging…because part of the deal with GSing is showing and telling…OK maybe a little bragging…hahah!  You get that “IKEA FEELING”…you know the commercial where the lady gets the good deal and comes running out of the store carrying her bags screaming… “Start the car!!  START THE CAR!!”  Yeah…it’s a lot like that!  I LOVE that commercial!

This was one of my best finds~ the kit to make this quilt!!  I have had my eye on this quilt for years…do you remember when it was on the cover of a Fons and Porter Magazine a few years back??  Well I have wanted to make it for THAT long!!  Now I can!  Score!


A fat Eights bundle…


Another Fat eights bundle….


I know this looks like a kid’s school bag BUT it’s not….


Tah..dah…it’s a bag to hold your quilting tools.  Ever since Anne from Alberta pulled hers out and looked so organized I have wanted one!!  Now I can join Anne and be organized too!!  It was $5…I think Anne said she paid $50 for hers…SCORE!


Cute bear fabric for a baby quilt…


A baby’s quilt  kit…


…and look at this sweet ducky fabric!!


I needed more browns and golds for my stash …and now I have them!!  Eureka…and $2 and $3 for the bag!!


A Fat Quarter bundle…


Isn’t this the cutest Christmas Quilt~ $1!


Patterns for $1 or $2!


Love this log cabin quilt with stars and roosters!


This one is cute ~if you get rid of the Santa on a Goose…what was this designer thinking??  Love the town though and the trees!


Even a wool penny…and I don’t have this one!


You can’t see how sweet this one is by the pattern cover…so check out the next picture…


Here’s one of the stitchery blocks…cute or what!  Rabbits Haven has the best patterns!


..And another… This is going to be the cutest quilt!


Check out this pattern…look at the cat stretched out in front of the pumpkins…I’ve GOT to make this one!!


So that’s what I bought at the quilter’s Garage Sale…but check out what I bought down the road at another Garage Sale!! 

The lady was selling her mom’s hand quilting frame…she thought that all the pieces were there but couldn’t guarantee it…so she was only selling it for $5!  SCORE!  AND not only were all the pieces there but  ‘Mom’ had labeled all the pieces so it was a dream to put together!


I put this quilt on the frame so that you could get the idea of how it works!!  I love it!  And it doesn’t take up too much room!

What a day!!  She shoots…She scores!

Now we just need the Canucks to SCORE too!!  Go Canucks Go!!

Have a Magical Monday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. All I can say is WOW! You got some very good deals. Makes me want to come to Canada for the summer garage sell season. It was fun looking through all your loot. Thanks for sharing.

  2. What a score Paulette!! Jackpot!!

  3. I just love reading your blog each morning. You inspire me for the day!
    Lucky girl you are - what a bunch of nice "finds" you bought.

  4. WOW!! Did you ever score! congratulations on a successful day. Wish we had those around here.

  5. You got a lot of nice buys, that is a dream yard sale for sure.


  6. I would envy you but today my fabric shop was selling all fabrics 70 % off and everything else at half prise. OK, I still envy you for all the garage sales!

  7. yumm yumm! thanks for the share. love it and would definitly gs with you anytime if you can stand the competition -lol.

  8. That's it. I am coming to your house every week to go GS with you!
    WOW! What great buys. What fun!
    See ya Friday!

  9. Rabbit's Haven is the lady from Mayne Island - she was at our Hands Across the Water - guess we'll be seeing her on Thursday!
    Can you bring the Xmas applique pattern today - LOVE IT! Lucky girl you are....

  10. You definitely did score! Now you are all set for winter with a few projects to keep you busy!

  11. Holy cow!! You really did score some AWESOME treasures!! All that gorgeous fabric!!! Lucky girl.

  12. Wow, you did great! I have also wanted to make that Fons and Porter quilt since I first saw it. I think that issue was the first quilting magazine I ever bought. Still have it and I WILL make that quilt someday lol.

  13. To say you scored is an understatement. I bow to you.............

  14. All I can say is, Wow, what a score. It certainly pays to be the early bird at a quilt garage sale. And how lucky to find a quilting frame at another garage sale. I have one of those frames and they really work quite well. Also break down for storage under the bed. Love the fabrics you found and the Country Threads pattern is very cute.

  15. AWESOME! You have a right to brag!!

  16. Wonderful really did score big time!

  17. You really did good!!! I love all your purchases. Have fun using all your purchases.

  18. You lucky, lucky girl! What a haul!Wish we had one of those garage sales around here.....although I probably have as much stuff as you had pictured the morning you got there! lol

  19. And you had that same kind of luck when you were here in Southern California ... I think I'll become your garage sale shadow ...

  20. I have a bag like that one (different outside but same inside) and it's my favorite bag ever! I bought it in Canada on vacation years ago and it's wonderful. I'm totally jealous of the Rabbit's Haven pattern - I haven't found that one yet. blessings, marlene

  21. Way to go! What happy that pumpkin pattern too! =)

    Wish I could find a great sale like that! -)

  22. Wow!! What a great day you had. All that loot is amazing. There needs to be more quilting GS in my area. LOL!! Thanks for sharing all the pics. Hugs Ariane

  23. Seriously scored!!! Well done you!!! Paulette...when you finish with "Do Not Disturb" may I borrow that one? I have a black kitty that adopted me...I just love that one!!! Thank you!!

  24. OMG! A score indeed, Paulette!

    Good thing I wasn't there or we'd be fighting over the patterns.

    Go Bruins! *wink*

  25. Oh yes you scored, what a treasure you have found at no price at all!

  26. You definitely scored...BIG TIME, and I love all your loot...(well, most of it anyway..) Have fun.

  27. So how did you sneak this lot it to the house? Probably didnt even bother because they were all such bargins! I particulary like the courthouse steps kit. Ironically my only Quilters garage sale attendance resulted in me buying a very large courthouse steps table runner top in country colours for $5! You have me very intrigued about penny rugs and wool, I might have to investigate this as my next hand project, very cute pattern. Happy quilting Sue SA.

  28. WOW!!! Speachless! $5.00 quilting frame Oh my!

  29. Wow you really did SCORE!! Love all your treasures!!!

  30. OMG, you definitely made some major scores. WooHoooo!!!!!

  31. All I can say is WOW! And the cookies look good too!!

  32. well at least someone scored today!..nice work on the bargoons!!

  33. Well you sure scored more than Vancouver did, lol - what great finds!! That quilt frame is awesome. Better not hit any more garage sales before Wednesday, the Canucks need all the luck they can get and you've been sucking it all up! I'm going to tell them it's all your fault. *G*

    And sorry, but Go Bruins,lol!

  34. just discovered your blog. Quite the sale you hit. I was raised in Nanaimo, but am now in Kamloops. Happy quilting.

  35. Well you may not have quilting at the Christmas Quiltalong, but it looks like you really had Christmas on your mind!

    You found some great things, now wonder you were so happy.

  36. Wow, you hit the jackpot for sure. Can't believe the deals you got. The quilter's frame? Come on, $5 for that? Wow, Wow, Wow. If they have the "garage" sale next year let me know and I'll take a trip up to Victoria on the ferry.

  37. Now that is a SCORE! Hope your car was big enough.

  38. Wow - you found tons of treasures! Lucky girl!

  39. Did you ever score! Good thing I already have that Cheri pattern or I'd have to cry about that one!

  40. What more can be said? Looks like you'll be having months of fun with all you found. WOW!!

  41. You done good. Have fun with all your loot.