Friday, June 17, 2011

Hands Across the Water..Pt. ONE

I just downloaded 135 pictures from our quilters’ excursion to Mayne Island…don’t panic I’m not going to show them all..maybe just two days worth!!

Now if you didn’t read yesterday’s post then you have no idea what ‘Hands Across the Water’ is…so here’s a brief recap…Quilters from our Heritage Quilting Guild went over to beautiful Mayne Island for a mix and mingle of quilters from all over…places like Galiano Island, Saturna and the Pender Islands, and the Cowichan Valley (which is where Heritage is from)…

Here’s our motley crew…twenty members from Heritage braved the sunshine and the smaller ferry to venturing across the ‘ocean’ to Mayne Island.


I had never been to Mayne Island so I was in for a real treat!!  What a gorgeous, spectacular island!!  Here’s a picture taken from where the event took place…what do you think?  Stunning!!P1140362

This banner was hanging proudly and will be passed to the Pender Island quilters at the end of the day as they will be hosting next year’s Hands Across the Water. 


You can see that the build hosting our luncheon was open air…so thankfully we were blessed with gorgeous weather! 


We were greeted royally…everyone got to choose a bag as a thank you gift for coming…how sweet is this!!…This is the one that I picked… P1140478

See it’s a sewing bag…complete with pockets and Velcro closing…P1140479

Here is what it looks like packed and ready to roll…


There were also raffle prizes…over 25 prizes!!  Cost for the raffle was by donation and the money was put towards buying supplies for their charity quilts!  (No, I didn’t win but it was so exciting as the prizes were wonderful!)

P1140360The highlight for me was meeting Arlene Neely, designer of Rabbits Haven patterns and fabrics!!  What a sweet lady!  (More on her tomorrow!)  Her sister is in the above picture at the raffle table.  P1140369

We had a wonderful lunch and man…the desserts…let’s just say, I said to heck with any dieting…


BUT here’s Delores being VERY good…she HAS been dieting and has lost over 25 pounds!!  You GO Delores…and please pass me another brownie…that BIG one over there!!

Then with tummies full and satisfied…more like “I can’t believe I ate the WHOLE thing!!”…. the Show and Tell began…all I can say is Quilting is alive and doing VERY well in our area!!  Talk about talented quilters!!  WOW!  Let me give you just a glimpse at some of their creations…

This is Pender Island’s raffle quilt…they each took a square and after lots of practice put together this beauty, which they are raffling off…money to go to their local hospital.P1140368

Tons of gorgeous quilts…one after another…

P1140383 P1140384 P1140386 P1140389 P1140393 P1140400 P1140402

Here’s our Carol…a Heritage quilter with her Funky Flower quilt…absolutely wonderful…so cheerful!!


The Heron Quilt…STUNNING!!  A real work of art!

P1140418 P1140422 P1140424

This one was lovely and REALLY different…the front was made of beige squares…sandwiched with a brown backing then free motioned embroidered with coloured threads…like a painting.

P1140428 P1140429

This is the BACK!!  Stunning!!


This beginning quilter stitched a little pillow as her first project and then made THIS!!  incredible!P1140434 P1140437 P1140448 So ends a gorgeous day!!  THANK YOU SEW MUCH, MAYNE ISLAND QUILTERS!! 

One more group photo before heading home…

P1140451Hope you enjoyed our little excursion…more tomorrow!!

Have a Fun Friday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. Thanks for the recap, Paulette! We sure had fun.
    I enjoyed seeing the quilts once more.

  2. What a wonderful day and perfect weather! The show 'n tell was spectacular! you made my day!...pass the brownies, please

  3. What fun! So many good quilts. I am glad you took pictures and shared them with us. The Christmas style quilt is a very good one. And I like the Karen Stone quilt pattern done in the browns.

  4. What can I say? What beautiful quilts and what talented ladies. You live in a wonderful area with all the quilting. **jealous**

  5. What a wonderful quilt show and a ride of the ferry, sounds like the perfect way to spend the day with quilting friends.


  6. I'm enjoying the pictures! I bet you had tons of fun!

  7. That does look like a gorgeous day! I'll be interested in hearing more about Arlene Neely! The little sewing bags are so cute, what a great idea. And I love the banner for this event. The quilts are AMAZING - that raffle quilt just takes my breath away. And the herons! Wow what a great show.

  8. What a terrific way to get all the quilters together. A talented bunch thats for sure!!
    A very beautiful setting too!

  9. Would need very strong willpower to pass up those treats, good for Delores. Quilters always know how to have a good time.

  10. what a great day trip!! all round!..and such beautiful quilts!!

  11. What a wonderful day of quilts and visits! An awesome outing! Thanks for sharing your day, and all the wonderful quilts! 8-)

  12. What a great trip, I guess you girls laughed a lot!!! Beautiful quilts you showed us. Did you see my trip to Italy with Sue Spargo? It was so GREAT

  13. Beautiful day, amazing quilts...I enjoyed your day!

  14. I want to move to Mayne Island! So happy the sun shined on you!

  15. Lucky you .... what a beautiful place to spend a day outing! The 'show and tell' was lovely, many thanks for sharing.

  16. What a beautiful place and quilts.