Monday, June 20, 2011


Heritage Quilting was cancelled today!! 

Yeeegads…Heritage Quilting is NEVER cancelled!!  I guess the hall was needed for something more important than quilting!!


What is more important than QUILTING??  Fire?  Earthquake?  Tsunami?  The Plague?  I’m not sure of the reason for cancelling but it HAD to have been one of these things!!

So I declare this an at HOME SEWING DAY…which means no housework, no gardening, no cooking…just sewing!! 

While I sew.. you get to look at just a few of the Heritage Quilts made in the month of June…

..and there are some beauties!!

P1140283 P1140057 P1140060 P1140062 P1140065 P1140067 P1140070 P1140074 P1140279 P1140282

Well done, Ladies!!  Hope you all have declared today an AT HOME SEWING DAY!!

Have a marvelous Monday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. Have a great sew at home day and thank you for the great Show and Tell.

  2. Some fun pieces here, the tiny squares (2nd picture posted) made me look again, her finger covered the whole square!

  3. Those ladies sure can crank them out. Enjoy your sew day.

  4. Fabulous quilts! Now what could have been more important I ask you!
    Enjoy the day.

  5. Hope you are enjoying your sewing day :) Thanks for sharing the beautiful quilt pictures!

  6. Cancelling a quilt gathering is bad stuff! Camper not happy when that happens!!! 8-)

    Thanks for the wonderful show of quilts! They are beautiful! Inspirational! 8-)

  7. I have to admit that I get a lot more quilting done at home than at workshops and guild events, but I enjoy seeing what everyone else has done. Hope you're having a great day, anyway!

  8. Well that's just rotten - they better have a good excuse, lol! Gorgeous quilts!

  9. Crazy people! they don't have a clue what they have done!

  10. Darn it, I wish I'd known that yesterday was a home sewing day. Lovely quilts by some of your friends again.

  11. I miss home sewing day! Whaaaa! Show 'n tell is the next best thing! thank you

  12. Oh the colours of these quilts! They sing! And the size too- I used to quilt things that size but no longer. When its all done by hand the time just isn't there, to say nothing of the hand tendons!!!

    These are ace, thank you!

    ...maybe the Hall fell down? that's another possibility as to why it was cancelled...

  13. What! Who cancels a quilting event? That is BAD karma!
    Thanks for the great show though!