Friday, June 3, 2011

I know a GOOD deal when I see it!

Man is it just me or is the price going up on EVERYTHING…including everything Quilty??  Fabric?  Ouch!  I’m not even going to GO THERE!!  Pattern prices are creeping up and many are now over $10…or MORE!!   Quilting Magazines range from $8-20 so for me to splurge and buy one, it’s got to have more than one quilt that I LOVE inside!  I peruse these magazines from cover to cover and if you don’t hear any ohhhhing and ahhhhing it goes right back on the shelf!

Well look what came HOME with me yesterday!! 


It’s a winner…lots of ohhhing and ahhhing went on in the shop…in fact people were looking at me funny…trying to get a glimpse at what sort of a magazine I was looking at!!  :o)

  Let me show you just a FEW of the projects that got my adrenaline up….  Yup, it’s several summer wool projects….


A nifty trick turns striped fabric into this beauty…I can see an old shirt quilt coming up!!


A gorgeous basket quilt…


What is it about baskets?  I love them!!


BUT this is the REAL reason to buy this magazine!!  It’s Natalia Bonner’s mother’s AWARD WINNING quilt!! 

Natalia has a blog called Piece N Quit Blog…if you follow her then you KNOW what a beautiful quilter SHE is! Well quilting runs in Nalalia’s veins…. Her mom, Kathleen Whiting is also a talented quilter!  This is the quilt that she designed and is the one that I voted for in the 2010 Quilt Design Star! 

P1140025   I LOVE this quilt!!  I had no doubt that this quilt would win the contest!!  It is magnificent!!!… And now they are sharing the pattern with us!! 

YIKES!!  Is that the squeal of tires as millions of quilters race around in search of this magazine?  Well if it isn’t…it should be!!  Just slow down and drive responsibly!!  :o)

Have a FUN Friday and Happy Quilting!~P

PS…Lynette Anderson is giving away a sweet little pattern called Rise and Shine…all you need are the adorable buttons to complete it OR if you are really clever you might stitch your own chickens and chicks…Ahhh, come on… I think you are up for the challenge!!



  1. Egads I'm going to have to find that magazine!!!! Really yummy stuff in there!

  2. I thought this was a particularly good one too - I have two quilt magazine subscriptions and that's one of them. blessings, marlene

  3. Yes, everything is going up...I guess it means I should just use what I have. =)

    Love the Uptown Stripes quilt!

  4. That zine has always been a fav of mine....A winner issue!

  5. I haven't been to the shop in ages, which is good, too much temptation, lol. I thought lynettes pattern was cute and I bet you could find buttons at jo anns, they have lots of fun ones now.


  6. Oh I need to track this magazine down right now! I see several projects I'd love to sew up, particularly the basket quilt - thanks for the info - Happy stitching!

  7. Paulette, you're like our own personal shopper! Thanks for passing on the recommendations - that issue does look like a good one! I almost bought the Quilt Mania summer special edition yesterday 'till I looked at the price: $20!!!! I paged through and decided there was only one quilt I might make and promptly put it back on the stand.

  8. I checked it out this morning in town. Think I might have to buy it too, the wool projects look just about the right size for starting. (And the only colors I have are black, cream, red and now green - perfect for the watermelon one!).

    Thanks for the tip.

  9. I just received the magazine in the mail a couple weeks ago. Yes, it has a lot of fantastic projects in it. A little hint to save some $s on mags. Go to You'll pay way less through a magazine subscription, rather than buying them directly in a retail store.

  10. WOW! You must be my soul sister! I haven't bought any quilting magazines for over a year.
    I have tons, tons, tons, and I swore I wouldn't buy anymore till I made something out of one of them!I was at the grocery store today and I bought the same magazine as you! I too thought there was a lot of great inspiration in this issue. Now I may have to actually make one of the items in it!

  11. I got that magazine earlier this week, and as I flipped through I thought of you several times as there was wool, there were baskets, there were shirt-opportunities! I was going to tell you about it, but now I don't need to!

  12. Your Quilt looks great!
    My McCall's magazine came this week in my mail and I was happy to see all the fun projects. I buy all my magazines with my 40% coupon at JoAnn's unless I subscribe to it. I voted for Kathleen also! She inspired me to submit a quilt in the 2011 contest and now I'm 1 of 20 Finalists workign on the #1 challenge. I hope I get a few votes and WOWs from my Blog followers. Voting on Challenge #1 starts June 25th.

  13. Thanks for calling my attention to this issue!! I picked it up today. the purses by Virginia Robertson are to die for too!!!

  14. Oh, Paulette - you are a a bad influence (LOL) -- Now I gotta run out and buy that magazine for that basket quilt & the candle mats. Thanks for your review of the magazine, tho - I now have my 2 must-do projects already picked out, which is my requirement for purchasing any magazine.

  15. The basket quilt caught my eye!