Friday, June 10, 2011

My ducks are in a row…

I thought you might be interested in what I have been up to…I finished sewing six Dresden Blocks…but need MORE!!  Always MORE!! Sew…I pulled out the Mighty GO!, fired her up…and in a matter of minutes had a stack of Dresden blades!  This is no exaggeration!  With each crank of the handle she spits out 16 or more blades!!

I then chain pieced the tip…


and ironed their cute little pointy tips open….  My little ducks are in a row waiting for Mama to lead the way!

P1140200    On another note…my friend Heather asked if I would cut her some tumblers out of her Luna Notte fabric!!  YIKES!!  She wants me to CUT this gorgeous fabric?  It’s just too pretty to cut…

Sew…against my better judgment that’s exactly what I did….


This is how I laid out the fabric…the die has three end to end tumblers.  I wanted to cut it in such a way that would maximize the fabric.  This way Heather would get some scraps to sew together for a scrappy border.

P1140196  Tah-dah…Heather’s stack of tumblers…yes that’s four Charm packs…168 tumblers cut in a matter of minutes!!  I Love my GO!!


Of course I HAD to play…  OHhhhhh so pretty!!


And because I WORKED SO HARD look what Heather gifted me…a pot scrapper, a lovely wool candle mat pattern, a fat quarter and some perle cotton!!  She REALLY didn’t have to do that!  Doesn’t she know that I LOVE to play with the GO! and someone else’s fabric…

Thanks Heather…I had fun!


So now that I have finished playing with the Tumbler Die I must return it to her rightful owner!!  Thanks Kathy (Quilting Along the Gorge Blog)…coffee on Saturday??

Before I go…I need to share a forest photo…look what I spotted while walking the dogs yesterday…these mushrooms were huge and because of all our rain, the forest is full of them…can’t you imagine a family of Littles living under them? 

imageOr a Leprechaun or two? 

Have a Fun Friday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. Your mushroom photo is gorgeous!

  2. Wow, 168?! That is a timesaver.

  3. LOVE that mushroom photo - I was looking HARD for any little critters. 8-)

    I once make a Fairy Ring quilt (Kaleidoscope) explaining to a 4 year old, how the fairies played on the mushrooms or else hid under them during rain. She lovd it!

  4. I know just how you feel, I have a GO! also and I love, love, love it. Have the small tumbler die, waiting for the larger size to get here, thanks for the tip on laying out the fabric. Buying these dies is almost as addicting as buying fabric.

  5. I haven't used my tumbler yet, but love the idea of making up a scrappy one.


  6. Man have you been busy - so lovely of Heather to reward your hard work! Love the mushrooms, I can just see one pointy little shoe....*G*

  7. I just can´t figure out how that cutting machin works! I have been browsing the net but my head is empty like a balloon *LOL*

  8. Oh, how gorgeous are those mushrooms! .... think I can spot a little red hat just a little to the left of center *lol*

    Looks like you are having heaps of fun cutting fabric! I loooove the Dresden plate block, and look forward to seeing yours stitched up!

    Don't you just love being rewarded for doing something you love to do? *lol* Quite the treasure Heather got you!