Saturday, June 18, 2011

Rabbits Haven by Arlene Neely

Yesterday I mentioned that one of the highlights of ‘Hands Across the Water’ was getting to meet Arlene Neely, the designer and quilter behind the Rabbits Haven patterns and fabrics.

Here she is posing for me in front of one of her gorgeous quilts….

P1140369What a wonderful and talented lady!!  Arlene retired to Mayne Island and became a active member of their Guild, along with THREE of her sisters!  Imagine having three sisters who all love quilting as much as you do and you all live within a stones throw away from each other!

This is one of her sisters here…selling raffle tickets for the door prizes.


Arlene has designed and produced over 49 Rabbit Haven quilt patterns and stitcheries!  Like this sweet one…


If you are familiar with Rabbit Haven patterns then you know that they are very whimsical with lots of embroidery and some applique and are usually made up in soft pastel colours.  I always think of babies and small children when I see her quilts…although I love them too!!


The stitchery work on this one was breathtaking! 


And I love her signature bunnies…with the frayed raw edge rose…love it!


How sweet!


Arlene has a new book coming out VERY soon too…Called “Quilts and Stitcheries”  and it is full of Arlene’s lovely bunny patterns. Would you believe that it is being published in France and has been released in the French version.  So we will have to wait just a little longer… unless of course you read French….


Arlene is also coming out with a new line of fabric called ‘Always Believe’…just lovely! 

P1140406Arlene, with the help of her sisters, showed two quilts that are being worked on and will go into her new line…so we get an early peek!!  

P1140441 P1140445

Arlene is one VERY busy lady…thank goodness she has so many sisters to help her with sewing and bouncing ideas off of…nothing more honest than a sister or two or three…then there is  encouragement…Image having THREE cheerleaders on your side!!  Oh and did I mention that they all go to Quilt Market and Quilt International with her…Hmmmm…do you think she would notice just ONE more sister??

You can check out Arlene HERE and you can see all of her patterns HERE!  ENJOY!!

Have a Super Saturday and Happ


  1. Oh my goodness look at her fabulous 'wabbits' - I'm completely smitten, totally in love, etc. I do have one of her patterns but I didn't realize she had so many more. And, a book, too. Be still my heart! :-)

  2. Wow well that must be a first for me!! Je parle français un petit peu!!! But as I find it difficult to follow some patterns in English I think French may just test me that bit too much. Will look for her patterns and books they look lovely.

  3. Gosh, didn't realize Arlene had so many patterns. They are just "sweet." Can't wait for the book. Going to have to get that one!

  4. What wonderful designs. I think with an outing like that, I would come home with armfuls of new patterns and ideas.


  5. file those 'adoption papers' quickly before anyone else gets the idea!..lovely quilts..the soft colours are beautiful..sort of like spring and babies all rolled into one!

  6. I'm totally in love with her style and patterns - she needs an American sister, I think. She's amazing!

  7. We are so lucky to have such superstars in our midst.

  8. I could barely even concentrate on the photos as I went into dreamy mode with the thought of having a sister who loved quilting as much as me...not gonna happen...lucky girl!

  9. Oh those embroidery Rabbits are gorgeous!

  10. I'm so glad I found your blog today, for I had never heard of Rabbits Haven before. What a wonderful collection of quilts and stitcheries! Thanks for the introduction. I'm completely in love with her work!

    Looks like you had a most wonderful time!

  11. I don´t think she would notice one more sister!