Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The June’s BOM is the bomb…

Quiltmania’s June BOM is now available and it doesn’t disappoint…you can add another lamb, pinwheel and two sweet birdhouses to the mix. 


While you are over at the Quiltmania Website checkout the Spring CHILDREN’S issue… YES!  You heard me correctly…CHILDREN’S issue!  I think that this may be a first!??


The magazine looks like this…and man are there ever some cute quilts in this issue!!  When you see this magazine make sure you click on it, then click on the arrow (located on the upper right of the magazine) so that you can see some of the projects…correction..stinking cute projects!! Ahhh…to have some grand-babies!  Maybe I could stockpile quilts… you know..just in case…! Hey, don’t laugh…my friend Gwen has a little pile of baby quilts for that ‘just in case moment!’  A Grandma’s got to do, what a Grandma’s got to do…right Gwen?!

Have a wickedly wonderful Wednesday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. Mary at Quilt Hollow has already made a grandbaby quilt for the granddaughter that either of her sons give her. And they aren't even out of school yet. I think we could do the same thing while we are waiting! A couple for either sex would do me just fine!

  2. Grandkids are great, but as I was once told, "You can save all those quilts for your great grandchildren if you don't have any grandchildren!" I'm serious.