Sunday, June 12, 2011

It’s a Garage Sale…a QUILTERS’ Garage Sale!!!

YIKES!  I slept in this morning and there you are WAITING to hear all about yesterday’s Quilters’ Garage Sale!  Sorry about that…guess I was tired after all that shopping…haha…!

Anyways…The Garage Sale didn’t disappoint!  It started at 9am so OF COURSE I was there by 8:20am!  I believe in ‘the early bird gets the worm’…I thought there would be a line-up but not so…just me and another eager bird quilter!  The lovely quilters having the GS welcomed us with open arms…and WOW!! What a display they put on for us!!  Everything was VERY organized.  All the merchandise was in Ziploc baggies with their name/initials and how much on each bag.  My kind of GS!!

Have a look…there is the other ‘Early Bird’…and look at all that glorious quilty stuff!!


Yikes..I better put down the camera…the lady in the green jacket just slipped in!!!


Tons of fabric, books, patterns and quilting gismos!…and all at great prices!


They even had the tables organized according to the type of fabric…ie. Christmas Fabrics, the Batik table, the Halloween and Easter table!  I mean really, WHO has a table full of Halloween fabric?  REALLY?…That many of you?

P1140210 Are you hyperventilating yet??


Here are some of the books and patterns…


Even at 9am it wasn’t too busy…yes I took my time and circled quite a few times….


I think you get the idea…tons of fabric and tables FULL of quilt KITS!!


These quilters must have quite the STASH!!  WOW!!!

P1140215 P1140216

One quilter was even selling off her collection of Jim Shore quilting angels…Making room for more fabric??


So I hope you enjoyed the Garage Sale as much as I did…especially you Quilt Sue (Quilt Sue was busy sewing her little heart out in the Christmas Quilt A-Long…which is where I was suppose to be…!!)

After leaving this Garage Sale and heading down the road a bit, guess what I spotted?  YUP you guessed it…a whole NEIGHBOURHOOD OF GARAGE SALES!! Oak Bay was having its annual Neighbourhood Garage Sale!!  EUREKA!!!  Quilt Sue??  Quilt Sue WHO??

Have a SUPER SUNNY SUNDAY and Happy Quilting!!

PS…tomorrow I will show you my GS loot!!  SCORE!! :o}


  1. Were the Jim Shore angels a good price? Those are a chunk of money to purchase.

  2. OMGosh!!!! WOW!!!! You did SCORE!!!!

  3. I wish we had something like that here. I'd love it! I hope they had good results. I'm sure the shoppers were very happy.

  4. You left me chuckling! Your area seems to have some really good sales or I need to get out more!

  5. Wow - I would have been in seventh heaven! Looking forward to seeing what you came away with.

  6. Wow - that's some garage sale! You're going to make us wait??? Get back here! LOL

  7. I know you are busy 'hiding' all your purchases this morning!!..have a great Sunday!!

  8. OH!!! My "green-eyed Monster" is rearing her ugly head! Jealousy is oozing out of everywhere! Hope you had fun, can't wait to see what you got!

  9. Wow you are lucky to have that in your neighbourhood. I hope you found lots of treasures.

  10. I'm glad you found it!! I knew it must have been yesterday, as I was going to busy with Jake's party. And the Oak Bay Neighbourhood one as well - BONUS!
    I think Vickie has her watermelon mat done and she will bring it tomorrow. See you then.

  11. Wow, that's some garage sale. Lucky you! the sales around here usually are junk sales, even the rummage sales. Everybody just wants to get rid of their junk, not the good stuff. Or what I tihnk is good and that would be fabric. Can't wait to see your loot.

  12. Now THAT is a garage sale! What did you score?

  13. You are the bargin queen! I cannot believe the other quilters werent there at 6am! I would be green with envy but then I remind myself I dont need any more fabric! Hmm but perhaps books, yep I am green! Happy quilting Sue SA.

  14. I sure wish we had one of those yard sales, lol.
    I can't wait to see your goodies, I would have gone nuts.


  15. Now that's my kind of garage sale - I DREAM about finding a quilter's garage sale, lol!! Guess I'll have to come visit you! Great idea to put the fabric in plastic bags.

    Love your dresden's from last post!

  16. OMG - that looks like my idea of heaven. So what did you buy? I can understand why you were playing truant from the Christmas Quiltalong looking at this.

  17. Wow! What a great garage sale! What did you come away with?!