Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Some Christmas Shopping…

A few weeks ago, my friend Claire emailed me and said she was placing an order with Primitive Gathering’s On-line Store and would I like to order anything…LOVE that shop…Whenever we order anything we always check with each other…that way if we both want something we can share the shipping and handling costs.

So I placed my order…I have been drooling over ‘The Autumn Night’ by Threads That Bind  since seeing it HERE at Wooden Acorn Blog…LOVE IT!!


And look at the pattern…it’s full size (about 25” X34”)..making it a piece of cake to make!!  Let me re-phrase that…this huge full size pattern will make it easier to cut and place the pieces.  I love it when designers include this!!P1110080

I also ordered charm packs of wool…it is so difficult to dye a deep rich red and look at these yummy browns..perfect for little gingerbread men!!


Merry Christmas to ME!! 

What did Claire order?  Well she also bought ‘Autumn Night’ and the red and brown wool charm packs plus the kit for the Folk Art Blooms BOM by Buggy Barn (gorgeous fabrics!!) and the kit for Let it Snow!  Merry Christmas, Claire!!

AND Thanks Claire, for taking me shopping!! :o)

For those of you wondering about Fran’s Snowflake quilt…Fran took a workshop on how to make this quilt at the local Quilt Shop…the quilt is called Log Cabin Snowflakes but she doesn’t remember who the designer is…

I have inserted some close-ups in the hopes that this will help those who are interested in making this quilt. 


Such a visually stunning quilt..isn’t it!! 

If you recognize this quilt would you please email me the info…I have several quilters out in blogland who want to make this one!


Only THREE more sleeps!!  I have to go food shopping for the big day…hope that goes better than Costco did…what a mad house!!  YIKES!

Have a Wickedly Wild Wednesday and Happy Quilting!~P 


  1. I had given some thought to ordering "Auntum Nights" too but have not done anything about it. It is one of those projects with many pieces.

    I started sewing my little snowman quilt this morning. One that I saw on your blog and then ordered the pattern. The one with snowball blocks.

  2. You did some wonderful shopping for yourself. The wool and pattern is very exciting.

  3. It's always wonderful to shop for ourselves. Love that snowflake quilt.

  4. Fun shopping! I went shopping at Primitive Gatherings recently too - order just arrived. A much needed treat. :-)

  5. Wasn't quilt store shopping fun with Claire,no lineups or slow debit machines. Sounds like you both made some great choices. Funny you should mention about wool for gingerbread men because I thought if I try a wool project it would be a Xmas one with gingerbread men. But couldn't find any brown I liked so now I know where to look-so thanks for the headsup!

  6. I'm coming to the realization that I'll have to stop reading your blog ... once again your blog showcases something I can't live without! I'm hoping Primitive Gatherings' shipping isn't too high! As always, thanks for the inspiration!

  7. If you can't find the pattern, it sure looks like 60 degree triangle log cabin blocks, so shouldn't be hard to figure out. It's cute, I might make one for next year c

  8. That is a nice present to yourself.
    It is easier for us to pick out our own surprises, lol.


  9. What a grea pattern - I hope to see yours when it is finished!!

    Good luck with your shopping - we did ours Monday night and it wasn't too awful bad.

  10. I've been drooling over those wool charm packs myself! I may need to order a few now!! Can't wait to see the Autumn Night finished!

  11. I'm off to the grocery store myself tomorrow - I think I'm going to go REALLY early to hopefully avoid the crowds!

  12. That snowflake quilt is gorgeous!!! Makes me want to get back into my room...but first I gotta move the nursery to the dining room :)

  13. I love the colours in the red charm pack.

    Yesterday I went to the local butchers for the meat that my daughter and I had both ordered. Usually they open at 9 but yesterday and today it's 7.30 and tomorrow it's 6 am. I thought they would be really busy, so off I went at 7.30 into the -7C temperatures, after de-icing the car, all wrapped up and ready to queu down the road like you usually do at this time of the year, and what did I find? I parked right outside an empty shop. The staff were all there, but not another customer to be seen. Result.

  14. Well ho ho ho to you - and Claire! She sounds like the perfect enabler, lol. Merry Christmas!