Monday, December 13, 2010

She’s a TART!!

Who knew that Butter Tarts are a Canadian treat?! Here I thought the whole world was enjoying these lovely little treats!  Apparently not!

imageGranted they don’t look like much… They have a tart shell…that you can make from scratch or buy in the frozen food department. Personally I say why mess with Mother Nature…buy the tart shell from the store. That way you can’t screw these up…because the tart shell is the hard part!  The filling is sweet and gooey with a caramel butterscotch raisin taste…I haven’t met a person who doesn’t LOVE butter tarts! (now watch while the butter tart haters of the world come out of the woodwork!!)

Here’s my Mom’s recipe- just check it out and see how easy they are!

Butter Tarts

1 1/2 C. Butter (yes real butter…you can use margarine if you must!)

3 C. brown sugar

4 Tablespoons of milk

3 C. raisins

3 beaten eggs

3 tablespoons of vanilla

Melt the butter and then mix in the rest and whip it.  Put into shells and bake at 450F for about 10-11 minutes.  

Here…pull up a chair, let me pour you a coffee…(butter tarts are best eaten with coffee, tea or milk)…and ENJOY!


On the quilting front~ I got the tablecloth all pinned together ready for quilting~


I LOVE this quilt and have decided to hand quilt it…or at least I will audition hand quilting it…sometimes what you envision doesn’t alway turn out that great…if you know what I mean…!


I’ll keep you posted!

So my Sweet Potato Supreme casserole is in the oven…and it’s only 5:45 am!  Today is Heritage Quilter’s Christmas luncheon and I am on kitchen duty..which means I have to be there by 8:30am!!  YIKES- that’s EARLY!!

Now that I have been retired for awhile I don’t ‘do’ mornings very well…you know the rushing around getting ready stuff.  I use to hate that, hustling around getting ready for the day to begin, eating breakfast when you’re not hungry, making a lunch…general whizzing around.  I avoid that at ALL costs!!  All appointments are scheduled for after 10…and I make no bones about it…I just say… “I’m retired…I don’t do early!”  If I HAVE to do early, as in this case, I trick myself…I just get up earlier so that I don’t have to rush…see I’m on the computer, enjoying my coffee and have already read some on my favourite blogs…and no rushing…until 7 and then the @*&% will hit the fan!!  As for now…I still have an hour to enjoy myself…!

What about you?  Do you ‘do’ early..IF you can avoid it?

Have a Munching Monday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. Thanks so much for posting the butter tarts. Yummy! I have never had one! That quilt is sooooo pretty. I love it. Can't wait to see it done! I see you are off running around again! LOL!

  2. I can almost smell the butter tarts baking. I was raised in Spokane and we went up to Canada to visit my aunt...she made butter tarts too. Love the snowman table decoration.

  3. Nope, after having to be in operating rooms as a nurse by 6:00am every morning, I too do NOT do early. I will if I have to but grumbling and complaining. I also do what you are doing this morning, I get up an hour or more to fool myself! Have a great day Paulette.

  4. Oh my those look good! I absolutely positively have to shop today. :( Hate shopping. blessings, marlene

  5. I'm Canadian and I love butter tarts. I'm now living in the US we and made a trip home last weekend ....guess what Mom had.....butter or not I had one...yummy. They even sell them at the duty free coming back into the US.....Love them!!

    I'm participating at Sew Mama Sew Giveaway Day....check it out....

  6. HMMM - the butter tarts do look yummy but I don't do raisins. Ick, ick, ick, ick! And, YUCK! LOL

    Love the tablecloth - can't wait to see the quilting.

    Enjoy your day! I don't mind doing early mornings as long as I'm left to do my own thing; in other words don't talk to me and I'm fine. LOL

  7. I didn't know butter tarts were a Canadian thing. Chalk another one up to us. Yeah! I hate mornings even though I get up at 5 to be at work for 6:30. When I retire, in 3 years, I'm going to follow your footsteps, "Nothing before 10, I'm retired!" I like that.

  8. I get up at 5:30 but somehow am always rushing around when I have some place I need to be, even it's by 9! Maybe it has something to do with reading blogs with coffee.

  9. Well done Sweet P. Enjoy your day

  10. ooo! I'm grabbing that recipe. I have been trying to think of just the new and different thing to make for Christmas and you gave it to me.

    Happy holidays.

    Now, I'm going to look back for the sweet potatoe cassarole recipe!!

  11. Thanks for the recipe. I'm from Utah and I've never eaten butter tarts but I'm going to try them. I'm retired but I do early. I like to do everything in the morning so I have my afternoons free to quilt or do whatever I want.

  12. You mean only Canadians are in the know about Butter Tarts??? My mom's recipe had Rogers Golden Syrup in and they were runny, sweet and very yummy....
    Still a favourite around here. If you don't like raisins you can substitute walnuts.

  13. Thanks for the recipe. My mom loves butter tarts and now I can make them for her - home made (well, except for the shells since I too buy ready made.) Good luck with the quilting and I do tend to be a morning person.

  14. Butter tarts....second only to nanaimo bars on the blood sugar Richter scale. Yum.

    Love your snowman penny rug!!

  15. That sounds yummy. Need to try to do some things today, so i can have some decorations.


  16. The butter tarts looks so yummy! Thanks fo the recipe!

  17. I'll have to give butter tarts a try - never had one before! But if it's made with butter, we'll eat it here in the South!! And as far as early goes, I got hooked on it when, before she finally passed away, our old dog decided she wanted to get up at 4 a.m every morning and by God, someone ought to be up to enjoy it with her! Bill and I used to alternate days, and I found that, as long as it was something I could make in my sleep, I could get a lot done at 4 in the morning!!! Now, of course, I have to be up early to go get the granddaughter for a day of fun and merriment!!

  18. Paulette these little tarts sound so delicious, and I was just thinking what I can contribute to this years eve party! I think I may try these. I have never heard of them, can I ask one question is the pastry shell just a regular pie dough? Is this silly of me to ask? lol
    Thank you for sharing.

  19. Paulette I am so with you on this one. Since we have retired we dont "do" early. Most of the time we just wake up naturally, unless one of the dogs needs to go out. Any appointments are made after 10.00am (except Sams visit to vets which was 8.30am sheesh). To me being retired is doing what you want when you want, and I love it. Thanks for the recipe for the tarts...going to try those.

  20. Yummymmm, butter tarts.....we don't have them in Australia but have enjoyed them when visiting Canada, and Nanaimo Bars too! I'm with you, I don't do early, even if I get up a bit early I don't enjoy rushing around - so I don't do it.

  21. I DETEST mornings! Fortunately I have brought ym children up well and they allow me a reasonable sleep-in most mornings ;) As for the butter tarts - they look yummy, but have no intention of turning on the oven on a 35-degree day; maybe after summer!

  22. Beautiful quilt. I love your color choices.

    I have never had butter tarts but I do like the ingredients - I'm thinking I may try it out soon.

  23. tea with milk and sugar please..and a couple of tarts too!!..thanks for that!!

  24. Oooo! Yum! I have been looking for an uncomplicated butter tart recipe for the holidays - and looky here at what you have provided for me. Enjoy your coffee and tarts, I know I will certainly be enjoying mine with tea! Thanks!

  25. I think your hand quilting will be perfect on the beautiful tablecloth!

  26. I've never tried a butter tart, sounds yummy! Your tablecloth quilt is gorgeous. I vote for hand-quilting! I don't do mornings either, unless I stay up for them. And I too let folks know what an acceptable time is for me - no point in killing myself, trying to get somewhere.

  27. I am looking forward to trying the tart recipe, never heard of them (Australia) and missed them when I was in Canada (it was summer), I do like to bake, even if it is summer here! The quilt looks fantastic, looking forward to seeing the quilting. Happy quilting and holidays, Sue SA.

  28. Since I am also retired I don't do early either if I can avoid it. All appts. are 10:30 or later in the morning. I have never been a morning person...wish I about these gals that stitch at 6 am! If it's dark, you stay in bed even if you aren't sleeping! :o)
    Gonna try those tarts, sound yummy and have never heard of them. Thanks for sharing.