Friday, December 17, 2010

From A Fantastic Friend in Finland…

Look what I found in my mailbox yesterday…now isn’t this pretty?


It was from my good blogging buddy, Ulla…all the way from Finland!!

Look at what she made for me… from recycled fabric!!  Yes, the backing is made from Ulla’s husband’s pants and the top is from his flannel shirts…SO you know what that means…poor Ulla’s husband is  sitting around the fire in his long johns!!  It’s COLD in Finland this time of year!! NOW that’s what I call friendship…she took the shirt right off her husband’s back to make this for ME!!   It’s a chenille pad for hot pots…soft as butter and the colours of water.   P1110029 Just lovely!  AND what a great idea to use up old pants, shirts or unwanted fabric!  Just love it!  Thanks so much, Ulla…that was very thoughtful of you!


I LOVE the card that Ulla included…perfect for the Canadian Snowbirds…see there’s my husband on the left, me on the right…but who is that in the middle?  Is that…?

P1110031ULLA in the middle?  Yes it is…I found her hiding in our 5th wheel!!  Welcome aboard Ulla…our first stop..Holly Hills Quilt Shop!!  Man are we going to have fun!!  Sure hope you packed your bathing suit!!

Have a FUN Friday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. It's lovely...even the mailer is adorable. =) What a nice friend!

  2. How thoughtful of Ula, you lucky gal.

  3. I'm relieved it arrived before you left! I need to correct you, just the backing is Mr. K's old pants, the slash cut layers are his flannel shirts.
    I'm afraid I would melt in the bathing suit area, but I'm happy to join you for the first 20 quilt shops ;-)

  4. What a lovely gift - and mailer too! After all the Christmas cookies, I look way too much like that snowman on the left....

  5. That is just so cool! What a way to recycle!! Smart. Love it.

  6. what a great friend you have!!..nice gift!!!

  7. Nice. And I just love that card too.Do you actually know any finnish? If not, you'll have to get Ulla to tranlate for you. Hyvää Joulua

  8. Thank you dear Paulette for correcting your post about the recycled fabrics. Don't worry, I only needed little squares of them, so he still has the front and sleeves in his shirt, and he has another pair of trousers to wear when the weather is too cool for the ventilated pair.