Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Got to Love it!!

You got to love this group…that’s the Heritage Quilters…with just a few days till Christmas over 50 ladies came out strong…to stitch, talk, eat and be merry!!  The only time this group doesn’t meet is if Christmas Day falls on a Monday!

Meet Fran…she has been lovingly working on this quilt for a long time!  It’s a Christmas gift for her son and his wife!  What a visually stunning quilt! 


Fran hand quilted inside each snowflake…in a soft smoky blue…gorgeous small iddy biddy stitches!


This quilt is stunning and can be kept out all winter long…


They are going to love this quilt and will give the term having a “Snow Day” a whole new meaning!! :o)

Look at what Delores received for her ‘special’ birthday!!  Her sister-in-law made this lovely apron out of left over blocks and scraps from a quilt that she had made! 


Look at the fabric..the print has the little nesting dolls on it!!  SEW sweet!  AND what a great way to use up extra blocks and scraps!!  And note the lovely silver Quilter’s Pin- another gift that Delores received…yes it was a VERY ‘special’ birthday!!


This is a pillow top that Delores has been working on for one of her daughters!  Isn’t it beautiful?!  She followed Allison’s tutorial on Cluck. Cluck. Sew. Blog and said it was very easy…and isn’t it cute!!  Delores made one for each of her three daughters!!  Lucky girls!  (This would be a good GO! project if you have the Circle Dies…I’m just sayin’…)


And Carol was busy putting the binding on her lovely trapunto runner!!  She took the mini workshop a couple of weeks ago..and did a fantastic job!!

P1110064 Carol is pointing out and explaining the process of Trapunto…if you would like to know more then go here…there are some great videos on the net showing this form of quilting.  Man, what did we do before we had computers…

P1110065 Let’s see..before for computers…hmmm…well for one thing, my house was a lot cleaner!!  :o)

My daughters made it safe and sound to Vancouver yesterday and spent the night with the middle daughter…When they phoned to say they had arrived safe and sound I could hear the laughing, squealing and giggling in the background…Some things just never change…Poor Maggie’s boyfriend…sure hope he survives their visit! 

I am off to Victoria to drop off gifts, have coffee with my friend Claire and hit Costco (ugh!)  Hope you have a lovely, stress free day!!

Have a terrific Tuesday and  happy Quilting!~P


  1. Have you missed me? Had you even noticed I'd been missing? Sorry I've been quiet, but here I am now.

    I love the trapunto effect and have tried it on a small piece. It's something I intend to try on a larger scale next year.

    Glad your daughters are almost with you. Have a great day.

  2. Oh, I love that snowflake quilt! Please share where we can purchase the pattern! I have to add that to the to-do list for sure!

  3. I agree....where can we find the pattern for the snowflake quilt? It's gorgeous!!!!!!

  4. I love the apron...what a wonderful use for a stray block.

  5. That snowflake quilt is just stunning - I mean really wow! blessings, marlene

  6. Your Hertitage Quilters sure know how to havre a good time! Trapunto is quite an art isn't it. And the apron from scraps is such a great idea too. I've been using my leftover scraps for mug mats and they do sew up really quick. Your daughters must be really close and that is nice to hear obviously literally!

  7. The snowflake quilt is absolutely gorgeous! My kids just called - they are in Ft. St. John and the roads are good so they should be here this evening.

  8. Just gotta have the name of that pattern or at least the pattern company! Please post ;)

  9. love the snowflake quilt..what a treasure!..as for Costco three days before Christmas!??..are you CRAZY!!??

  10. Such lovely projects, that snowflake quilt is really astounding!!

  11. Hi from Boracay, Phillipines. thought you woud be away. Wishing yu and your family the warmest of wishes for the holiday.

  12. Wow, the snowflake quilt IS absolutely stunning. What an awesome gift someone is going to recieve. The quilting is even fantastic and I just love the closeup so you can really see the fabrics.

  13. What Lovely Work
    Merry Christmas
    Hugs Janice

  14. Great little gallery of projects. The quilting on the snowflakes is super and I LOVE the trapunto Christmas flowers - very classy!