Friday, January 3, 2014

What a JOY!

Joy is the newest member at Clubhouse Quilting…She is new to this retirement gig and new to Snow Birding.  Her and her husband, Lewis haven’t found their nest yet…and will be leaving us today for the Salton Seas and then later it’s on to Yuma. We all do that the first year out…travel around, sure that the next spot will be nicer than the last.  You have GOT to do it…find the place that feels most like home!  So although we loved having Joy in our group we totally understand WHY she must leave us!  Having said that…I do have a feeling her and Lewis will be back…:)

I showed you a small sampling of Joy’s quilt last week..well it’s now a topper and it gorgeous!


Yup…dang cute!!


Joy owns an embroidery machine and does wonderful work!!


And check out the embroidered paw prints going around the quilt…ahhhh!!!


Joy also brought in this quilt to show us!  She made it for and WITH her four year old Grand Daughter!


Her grand daughter picked all the fabrics for each candy shop and they embroidered it together!!  Grandma’s little helper!


Joy explained the embroidery process to us…how each fabric is layered…and cut and layered…but we all glazed over and just nodded our heads!  We decided we were too old to learn something new…


But man these blocks were cute!!


Her grand daughter is going to LOVE and cherish this quilt FOREVER….and cherish the memory of the time spent with Grandma even MORE!!


Yup…this is why we quilt!  I think Joy has a four year old quilter in the making!! 

Before I go…I have to share this lovely pincushion that Joy gifted me!!  P1250759

Darn cute…let me flip it around so that you can see the embroidery better….



Sweet…! Thanks SEW MUCH, Joy!!  I love it!

Yes, what a JOY!!  I sure hope those Yuma Quilters don’t sway her over to the dark side…at least we have the Road to California working in our favour…WHAT DO YOU MEAN, THEY GO TO THE PHEONIX QUILT SHOW??  Some people just play dirty…

Have a Fun Friday and thanks for popping by!~P


  1. Part of me would love to be in a RV park with a quilting group but I also love the great outdoors too--so in the winter I take a break from quilting stuff--except stopping at quilt shops!

  2. Love the kitty quilt, I haven't been around in awhile so I'm doing a little visiting today. Hope you have a wonderful New Year

  3. Both of Joy's quilts are amazing! The themes are so sweet. Hope they find their way back to your Clubhouse.

  4. Joy's quilts are beautiful. I have an embroidery machine so I know how fun it is. Endless possibilities! Take care and have a nice day!

  5. I hear that there is tons of fabric to be found in the Los Angeles Fabric District and that at least one set of quilting ladies fly out from Minneapolis specifically to visit there. Might be worth checking out from where you are.

  6. The quits are amazing , really beautiful.
    Enjoy your sunshine, I'm off to build snowmen ❄⛄

  7. Joy's quilts are so fun and nicely made, she does beautiful work, as I can see in the pillow she made you.


  8. I'm so honoured to be the subject of your blog Paulette. I truly enjoyed meeting all the creative ladies and enjoyed my time at the sewing days. I'm glad you like your pin cushion. Thanks for being so welcoming to a 'newbie' Joy