Sunday, January 12, 2014

We SHOULD have stayed in bed!….NOT!

Don’t you hate shops that have “GARAGE SALES” and then just haul out their store sales tables …at no further reductions?  Have they NEVER been to a Garage Sale??  Come on get with the program!

I think you know where I’m going with this…Yesterday, Doris and I toodled off to Monica’s Quilt Shops’ ‘Garage Sale’…I use that term loosely because it should have been called Monica’s Quilt Shop Sale…it sure was no garage sale! 

When we got there, fifteen minutes before the doors opened, it looked like this…can you see the three small tables of quilty things and a small line up of Early Birds…the table in front of the mean scary lady had fabric rolls, the other table had the store sales (NO further reductions!) and the table to the right had finished quilts, a few patterns (1/2 off the sticker’s reg. price) and a small box of books for 1/2 price.  Seriously…you can get better deals at JoAnn’s!P1250827 - Copy

But the quilters must have liked what they saw…because in a matter of minutes the table with fabric rolls looked like THIS…like piranhas the table with the rolls was picked clean!!  The table where the store sales were wasn’t doing as well…it was the 25% off merchandise which I had looked at a few weeks ago while in the store…and yes, it was still 25% off!

P1250828 - Copy

Doris managed to snap up a few bundles of fabric to add to her stash!  Being a new quilter she is always looking at ways to bulk up her stash! 

P1250829 - Copy

And ME?  Of course I came away with SOMETHING!!  It was after all a ‘garage sale’!!  I bought a wee small bundle of Japanese prints, a Need’L Love Pattern which just came out…love it!…and the Kim Diehl Book ‘Simple Blessings’.   Both the pattern and the book were 1/2 price…not the usual dollar or two that we are use to seeing at a Garage Sale…but after looking at the book I would have paid full price for!  So it was a “SCORE”!!


Let me show you a bit of the book…Simple Blessings…

P1250871 - Copy

Lots of beautiful scrappy quilts inside…with lovely appliqued borders!



I already have the pattern to this beauty so it’s already on ‘The List’…LOVE IT!!


How sweet is this Homespun cutie?!!


AND THIS ONE…this ONE just got added to that getting even longer list…my To Do LIST!!  Gorgeous!


The front of the book has all kinds of different ways to make the quilts…LOVED this tip!  It was a light-bulb moment for me…SEW easy to reverse pattern pieces with this method!!


Brilliant!! And SEW easy!!

SEW…at the end of the day we were happy we went to Monica’s annual ‘Garage Sale’…but I still use that term loosely!! 

SEW how did your do??  Any Saturday deals for you yesterday?  Come on…and share!!  We always like a good deal story…or is your story about the ‘one that got away’?…Come on and spill…!

Have a sunny Sunday…and happy Stitching!!~P


  1. that book. I think I just may have to find one and maybe buy it.

    I passed on going to Fabric Depots 35% off all fabric sale as was watching football all day...instead, I cut out the wool for 5 more blocks of my project that I am working on with Lori (Humble Quilts) and Carrie (Cricketwood Prims & Gardens) I will place them all down so that I have a go to project to work on.

  2. I have that Kim Diehl book, and you scored big with it. Love the patterns in all her books, lots of applique and scrappy quilts. No garage sailing for me. It was very wet and dull here yesterday. Maybe next weekend.

  3. You got some good deals and I do have the basket pattern, really love it and hope to make that for the spring. No doings for me, not doing too good and waiting to see if it passes or I have to go in to my doc tomorrow, so hoping to find something I can sew today without too much movement.


  4. Sorry to hear that the sale wasn't what you expected. I went there once and wasn't that impressed either.

    Your Kim Diehl book looks lovely, she has a great design style.

    Wet rainy and dull, no garage sales for me.

  5. I've owned that book for several years-love it! Haven't made anything yet but it's so much fun to browse and dream.

  6. Even before I read what you said about being mean and scary....I enlarged the picture and said WOW what a face....and then I read what you said and just had to laugh.....she was giving you the evil eye....LOL
    not a great garage sale, but I do also like the book.....

  7. Some people can be very cheeky with the term Garage Sale.