Sunday, January 5, 2014

Over at Glynis’ House…

I thought you might like to go on a field trip this morning, back to Canada…over to my friend Glynis’ house!!

Glynis has some nice new additions to her home…and of course has finished off some new projects!!  No UFOs in Glynis’ closet!!

Glynis finished quilting this beauty and then wrapped it up for her Grand-daughter, who, of course, LOVED it!! The teal flowers are raw edged appliqued and will fray slightly when washed.  This is a PERFECT quilt for any teens’ room!


And Glynis finished this FREE pattern from Scrap, Quilt and Stitch…dang cute in wools and cottons…and LOVE the border!  This is on the TO DO LIST (if I  can ever get off the UFO LIST!) 


Hey…check out Scrap, Quilt and Stitch blog for their newest FREE January Block!!  Another winner!!

Here’s  Glynis’ newest FINISH!!  It’s her wee small wool and cotton Dresden quilt…with alternating BIG stitch quilted blocks!!  VERY cute…you can find the pattern in the book by Tara Darr called ‘Cozy Quilts’!  This is a quilt that HAS to be seen in REAL LIFE!  We’re talking SMALL…each blade of the Dresdan is only 2” long and Glynis workmanship is stellar!


And check out Glynis’ new/old quilt rack!!  Love this rack and love the fact that it is painted a crisp white!!   (I love quilt racks!  If you are into Pinterest…like I am… and you love quilt racks too…then check out my collection!  I will have you re-pinning in no time!! Go HERE!!)


How sweet is this!!  Glynis’ daughter gifted her the window shelf…which she MADE out of an old window!!!  GORGEOUS!!  And then Glynis’ hubby hung the ladder underneath for her quilt display!!  I have GOT to PIN THIS!!


So there you are!!  There’s ALWAYS lots to look at over at Glynis’ house!!  And I think between going to Scrap, Quilt and Stitch Blog and Pinterest you are going to be busy for several hours!!  ENJOY!!

Have a SUNNY Sunday and thanks for popping by…it’s always good to see you!~P


  1. You always post the best eye candy. I am off to check out the link.

  2. Pinterest gets me in to way too much trouble! Thanks :) Oh well! Could be worse. Right?!?!

  3. Great ideas for showcasing quilts! I have a quilt rack that I think I'm going to paint white now. I will enjoy the sun today, it is gorgeous here in the Lower Mainland!

  4. Thanks for the link to your Pinterest pages. WOW!!! I love the quilt headboard idea and almost everything you've posted. I've resisted the Pinterest addiction until now...waiting for retirement? Thanks for the Glynis Show...beautiful work and such variety, from turquoise to homespuns. Love it. I tried the other link, but with three years of high school and college French, I still couldn't read the blog!

  5. Hey P, try to give us here in the Midwest a little thought. We are having a blizzard and record below zero temp the next few days. Just feeling a little sorry for myself, hah. Enjoy your weather,, I am making a little snowman project, very appropriate, eh? Love all your picture and blogs..

  6. Wow is right. It is hard to choose a favorite. I'll mark that and show my hubby he loves summer projects ;)
    Have fun Paulette your always a great way to start the day 😃

  7. I love how she did the window over the bed, fun idea.
    I got the free winter pattern, will be a fun one to do, so on my list to do for this year.


  8. YEARS ago, I saw where someone had hung an old ladder like that to display their quilts on. Then I found an old RED ladder and bought it but do you think I've ever hung it?!! NO!! I moved about 5 mo. ago and MIGHT hang it here. We'll see..but a VERY cute idea!!

  9. Just loved them all, real works of art, 2" dresdens wow!

  10. I love all these quilt hanging ideas - we have very little of that sort of thing over here in England - maybe I should have a go and start a trend

  11. Wow Glynis .. you do beautiful work. I looked at some of the other posts too. Can't believe how many just georgous quilts you have made ... Incredible. Keep showing us your work. I loved looking.

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