Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Penny for your thoughts…

I’m like the old fashion doctor…whenever we go on a road trip this little tote comes with me….


A penny here…a penny there…they will start to add up…I’m hoping!!


Just plugging along…

The ‘girls’ and I are off to JoAnn’s this morning and maybe to a Quilt Shop…no pennies getting made today, I’m driving!!  I’m sure making pennies while driving is right up there with the California cellphone laws….  Can’t you see my mug shots…with the caption BUSTED for Pennies!!  :o}

Have a terrific Tuesday and thanks for stopping by!~P


  1. I love sewing pennies on trips, easy to carry and do. Except with BIll driving I have to watch out for quick stops, starts and swerving which can be dangerous when you are holding a needle;)


  2. Love the pennies and what a great take along project!

  3. Sure glad the Canadian Mint didn't get a hold of your pennies and retire them too! Must get back to my wool work, thanks for the kick in the pants, P.

  4. Have fun shopping, hope you find some great wool, the Pennines look great.

  5. Love them! Of course, anything with wool I adore. ;)

  6. Your so funny lol - love those pennies and your right they add up. Hope you obeyed the rules and didn't stitch while driving lol.
    Hugs - Karen

  7. Your pennies look great. Can't wait to see them put together.

  8. Your Pennies are Picture Perfect Paulette! And that's all I have to say about that! Thanks for sharing ;)

  9. How do you get so much done with all the running around with the club house gals?

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