Friday, January 17, 2014

SPRING has Sprung…on Vancouver Island?

Apparently it’s SPRING on Vancouver Island!!  That’s Vancouver Island… as in British Columbia…CANADA.  I know Vancouver Island is warmer than the rest of Canada but REALLY…SPRING?

Yup…my woolie friends, Claire and Glynis both are experiencing a warm front…and Spring Flowers!!  Have a look…

Here are Glynis’ Spring like conditions…her warm front (in the form of wool on her lap) brought in strawberry flowers and fruit…and a dang sweet table mat!! Glynis made this for a ‘berry’ good friend…lucky lady!


And Claire is whipping up wool mats left right and centre…all ready for when those tweet birds REALLY do lay their eggs…


…and hatch into the sweetest Spring babies!


I KNOW that Victoria has a Flower Count at the end of February…but this is only January….


Claire may be jumping the gun a bit but she swears her real Spring bulbs have already sprouted and are showing two inches of stem!  She is declaring an EARLY (mild) SPRING…and I have to agree with her…these Spring Flowers are delightful…The flower count has started…SIX gorgeous Spring Flowers to date…with more to come?

Are there any warm fronts in your corner of the world?  Perhaps some Spring Flowers shooting up here and there?..a strawberry or two? …no tweet birds?? 

If you are anything like me, you are STILL stitching SNOWMEN…even though the temperature in the Palm Springs’ area is in the 80sF (over 26C)!!  Too darn hot for SPRING…or stitching…

…but I’m NOT complaining ;o) Man…those California Strawberries are delicious and the pool is DELIGHTFUL!! Turn up that salsa music, will yah?…and pass the chips and dip!! 

Have a FUN Friday and Happy Stitching!~P


  1. Yum! I want strawberries now! They are not so great by the time they reach this coast, but they will do. Nothing like local strawberries, they don't travel well. Time to go to the store!

  2. Woolie goodness. Especially the strawberry piece.

  3. Great wool pieces Paulette; I bet they do have spring now!!! Our snow is just about gone and flower beds uncovered. Not that I expect it to last, but it is very spring like here too.

  4. It really is spring here. My crocus bulbs are up about two inches, and Thrifty's has racks and racks of bright coloured primulas. Your woolie friends have done a great job with their table mats. The strawberries look so luscious, and I love those little baby birds in the nest.

  5. Those spring woolies are so cheerful and warming on this 8 degree day! We're nowhere near bulb popping here in Illinois!We still have our Christmas decorations,a blanket of snow, and a layer of winter fat to get rid of! But mentally we are planning spring quilts and flower gardens...

  6. Love fresh strawberries and the woolie strawberries.
    I do have piece from the bonnie sullivan book with a bird and strawberries, guess I should make it.


  7. "Spring", lol! No, no sign of that here, and another deep freeze predicted for next week too. But it is certainly nice to see some wooly flowers in the meantime! :D

  8. It's 27 and frosty white here. Our daffodils are up about 6" near the fence. OR strawberries are the best, better than CA, but not available until June--. The wool projects are very nice, good job gals.

  9. It's been 10-11C in the valley, and my snowdrops are blooming, and the daffodils are starting to poke through. Looks like an early spring, for sure! those woollies are cute, too bad i'm allergic to wool.

  10. Foggy this's morning again along the Fraser River but snowdrops appearing and other bulbs peeking their green tips through the soil.

    Very cute floral basket very Spring inspiring,

  11. Great woolie projects! I think you should send some of your sunshine this way:). Running errands in the next city (20 miles away) and ended up driving 25-30mph home. You know that nasty white stuff- lol! Completely caught me off guard. It fell fast- wet, heavy and sticking to everything! (Nasty stuff but it really was beautiful:) Thanks for sharing the link for Chilly Silly Snowmen- so adorable! p.s. Hope your back is feeling better! Nothing hurts worse! Have a great weekend!:)

  12. Lets not talk weather shall we LOL - but those flowers are sure pretty to look at - that helps get through the snow and the cold. Sure rub it in just a bit about the deelish berries, dips in the pool etc - I would probably do the same thing lol.
    Hugs - Karen