Thursday, January 9, 2014

Clubhouse Quilting….

Ahhhh….I love the ring of those two words!  A nicer group of ladies you will not find anywhere!!  We are still missing a few of the regulars…they will be arriving late due to birthing Grand-Babies…and Seattle Judy can’t make it at all this year…WE MISS YOU JUDY!!  Correction, I really miss you, Judy!!  Judy and I share a love of Civil War quilts and fabrics, all things wool, Homespuns…and STARBUCKS coffee…YES, we have a lot in common!!  It’s just not the same here without you…

So let me get back on topic before I am a snivelling wreck!!…sniff, sniff…

SEW here we are at the Clubhouse with lots happening…machines are whirring…and quiet chatter here and there…lots of concentration…

Many of the Clubhouse Quilters are busy making these for Calgary Judy’s Mystery Quilt…


Lots of different colour combos and fabric choices!!


Doris is SEW organized!!  It’s going to be fun to see the big Quilt Reveal when they are all finished!!



Phyllis finished this darling dragon quilt for her GREAT Grandson!! 


We ALL knew that Phyllis was GREAT but now it’s official!


Even the back is pretty!


And here is Great Grandma now…


She even whipped up the little guy a dragon book…told ‘ya she was GREAT!


Gwen finished off her charity quilt…and let me tell you it is GORGEOUS!!P1250799

Gwen has a knack for teaming up fabrics.  The geometric fabric was in her stash…and then she happened onto the flower fabric…Presto!! It just pops this quilt…softening up the whole quilt!!


Here is Phyllis again…starting a new project…


This time it is with lovely batiks…very colourful and bright…stay tuned!!


Christine, our newest Clubhouse member was busy with a Hen Party!!  This quilt is going to be dang sweet!!


Norma is working with the nicest fabrics…red, greens and golds…my kind of colours!!


Yup…I’m like these fabrics.. A LOT!


But look at the pattern…KING SIZE!!  I have a new respect for Norma!!  This huge quilt is a gift for her daughter!!  She must love her a whole bunch…yikes!!  Did I mention that it’s KING SIZE?


Gwen is working with small prints from her stash…lovely fabrics!!  She must have a wonderful ‘stash’!!


And look at the quilt she is making…it’s on the cover of The Quilter’s Bible…LOVE IT!!   I will definitely be showing you more of this beauty!!


And this is what I was working on…a new pattern by Jan Patek.


I wish I could say that the pattern was great but it gets a thumbs down from me…this is the first pattern that I have ever used where the seam allowance is not included in the block size!  WHY DO DESIGNERS DO THIS??  If I can screw up, then this is a sure way to do it!!  Especially with all these Clubhouse distractions!  It would have been SEW easy for Jan to have changed the sizes to include the seams!  Also it is NOT a pattern for a new beginning quilter as she gives no directions…or very little directions!  Eg. for the trees…she says ‘piece 12 trees’.  Would a new quilter know what to do?  Heck I called over four or five Clubhouse Quilters and after a lengthy discussion it was decided that she MUST mean to paper piece them?


If I have said it once, I have said it a million times…come on designers treat us like MORONS!!  Tell us EVERYTHING…including measurements WITH the 1/4” seam allowance already added!!  When you are working with kits there is no extra fabric for screw-ups…and without these measurements, screw-ups are almost a given!!

SEW having said all that…Jan does have some dang cute designs and I’m sure I can muddle through it.  If you are new to quilting…you may have problems or you may need a mentor!!  I hope others have told Jan this and she can tweak her new patterns.  Maybe that’s why she has started to make ‘How To Videos’…

Enough said…So there’s my rant for today!!  Now breath…:0)

Have a thrilling Thursday and thanks for popping by…~P


  1. Just watched about 4 utube videos by jam patek this morning and it cleared up a lot of questions. Her blog is pretty neat too!

  2. I've done a few of JP's patterns, they all leave a lot to be desired. Directions are sparse. Makes mad, mad. So won't be doing anymore of her designs even though they are cute.

  3. Lots of fun quilt, love the dragons and the border fabric for them, cute idea.


  4. Oh dear..... I agree that some patterns are rather "vague". However, in defense of Jan, she states over and over that she is not a "piecer". She does applique. I've been a fan of hers forever and the directions for her pieced patterns are skimpy and mostly done by others. However, you can't beat her primitive applique. Glad you were able to figure out the piecing - your snowmen look great.


  5. I'm sorry that you are having problems with this project. It looks so cute! I hope you persist and make it your own.

    Love the dragon fabric! Great colours I'm sure it will be well loved.

  6. Thanks for the warning although I will check out her blog.
    On a very happy note, it's about 30c warmer today here in Manitoba than 3 days ago , yay!!
    I hope it's warm and sunny wherever you are!☀

  7. Pert Peeve of mine is when they don't tell you the finished size of a Block unit. I love your Clubhouse posts. Have fun with the ladies there. Lucky grandmas will be there soon!

  8. Hang on, this Grandma will be there soon, lots of pretty fabric being sliced and sewn up. Love the dragon quilt.

  9. Did you use the 10" half hexagon template for the snowman, P? I have never used any of Jan's patterns but do love her work and she has awesome videos... I love her houses too. Looks like you girls are having a good time..
    We are still knee deep in snow...
    Hugs Maggey

  10. How many times a week do you all get together in the club house and for how long? I can imagine it is a fun time sewing and talking and maybe snacking.

  11. The clubhouse quilters are smoking!

  12. I agree, giving seam allowances, or at least stating VERY clearly if they are included or not is not just helpful, but vitally important. I believe she says that she is an applique-er, not a piecer, but if that's the case, she should either get someone else to write the piecing instructions, or not produce the patterns.

  13. I love the little chicken quilt. I'm with you, treat me like a moron pattern writers!!! Tell me every little detail!! I've got to get my hands on some quilting/needlework soon, I am going into withdrawal!