Monday, January 6, 2014

Snowy Days?

Just so you know…It’s NOT all sunshine and blue skies down here…I have been having my own SNOWY DAYS too!!  P1250792

In the evenings, while watching TV, I have been adding the ‘snowy effects’!


Hey…did you know that Dorr Wool is having their January SALE??


If you need some wool to make your own Snowy Day then now is the time to stock up in wool!! 

WHAT?…Tired of SNOW?  Then how about a Spring Lamb?  or an Autumn runner?


Or this lovely summery Morning Glory runner?  Yup…all of these KITS are ON SALE!!


But what is it about wool and SNOWMEN?  Ahhdorable!!


Not into kits?…never fear!  Dorrs has all of their off the bolt wools ON SALE at a VERY SWEET price…check it out!  That’s Dorr Wool Mills

End of commercial…and back to our regularly posted Blog!

Have a sweet sunshiny day…and I hope where ever you live that you are warm and dry and have something wonderful to stitch!~P


  1. I saw that the other day, really good prices and well worth stocking up. Luckily I planned for a shortage and have plenty for now, lol.

    I do love working with wool and not having to turn the edges.


  2. I am still quilting away on my Snow Days...can't wait to see how you quilt yours because this hand quilting is taking forever and I am not very good at it!

  3. Wooly warm snowmen! Bet they would be in great demand about now in much of the north and east!

  4. Piękne bałwanki. Serdecznie pozdrawiam. Jola

  5. Love the snowmen, is the background flannel? What stitch do you use? Just being nosey,,
    Hugs, Maggey