Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Quilters on the Bus…

This morning I will be heading to the Road to California with the rest of the Clubhouse Quilters!! (I know…I know…you’re getting sick of hearing about Road…but bear with me!  Or if you have had ENOUGH then you feel free to exit the bus…haha)

Yes, quilting is alive and very well in the Coachella Valley…we have chartered a bus and it is packed…with SEVEN ladies on the wait list!  (Sucks to be them!!)  There is also a bus from Yucca Valley going …all of us clutching our lists of things to look for and things to buy!!

I have been looking at the Road’s Vendors’ list and I see that there are lots of ‘new’ booths this year…Laundry Basket has a booth!!  I wonder if Edyta Sitar will be there??  I would LOVE to meet her and see her magnificent quilts in person!!

Also Quiltmania Magazine has a booth!  I love their magazines…I wonder if they will be selling back issues?  

The Rusty Crow will be there…they have an online shop and are usually at the Hemet Show…so nice to see them at the BIG TOP!!

And of course The Red Door’s booth…they use to be ‘The Calico Horse’ in Redlands…Ohhhh how I miss them!!  They have wonderful quilts all kitted up…ready and waiting to be stitched up!


Then there’s my all time favs…Primitive Gatherings, Heart to Hand, Pinwheels and Wooden Spools!! 

Sometimes the anticipation is better than the actual going…What did I just say…SLAP ME!!  GOING is WAY better!!

Hope to see you there…and if you can’t go…well then stay tuned for tons of pictures!!  You WILL go one way or the other!!

Have a thrilling Thursday and Happy Stitching!~P

All together now…. 

“THE QUILTERS ON THE BUS GO STITCH, STITCH, STITCH…STITCH STITCH STITCH”….  “HEY…who just used the B**** word??  I said Sssstitch!! 

Sheesh…there is one in every crowd!!


  1. Have fun and BUY LOTS AND LOTS....

  2. Have fun! The last quilt show I went to I never even saw the quilts! I spent the entire day with the

  3. Very creative post today, Paulette. You should have been a writer for a newspaper or magazine.

  4. You forgot me, just a detour across the states;)
    I am envious of the quiltmania booth, would love to see that, know i would be buying from that booth.


  5. Can't wait!! I'm so excited for you! Can you detour to Illinois?

  6. Enjoy and have FUN! I have to admit that I'm envious of you.

  7. Can't wait to see the pictures...I am very envious.

  8. I will be there Saturday.. Edyta will be there... I'm taking one of her classes... YAHOO!

  9. EX-CITE-MENT!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know you are going to have a fab day.

  10. Enjoy for all of us followers that can't go

  11. LOL and have a blast! Lucky girl!

  12. :) Any day spent with friends & on the bus to boot,can mean nothing but F-U-N! Have a great time quilters!

  13. Hope you got to meet Edyta. She is a lovely lady and her quilts are exquisite.