Tuesday, September 3, 2013


I know…I know…you have been sitting on the edge of your seat wondering how my practice FMQ is going…:o)) 

Well…SHE’S DONE!! P1240129

And with only TWO frayed/broken needle threads!!


SEW…what did I do differently?  For one thing, I kept a journal (thank you, Jo..you’re brilliant!)…This really helped me to organize my thoughts and stay focused…

And besides everything that I had been checking before..ie needle, thread, tension, bobbin…I concentrated on going SLOW…really SLOOOWW…


…and I leveled everything using the Level.  I also kept the quilt a lot looser (less taunt on the bars) than I have ever done before…

P1240132  My FMQ is still primitive BUT if I can resolve the frayed thread/breakage then maybe I can concentrate on the actual driving!


Whew!!  Now to sooth my frayed nerves…:o)) 

Have a good one!~P


  1. Congngratulstions Paulette. Have you considered going to the machine quilting expo in Portland Oregon in October? It is a great e ent, they used to have one in Tacoma that I went to that helped me with my domestic machine quilting.

    Great idea to keep a journal. Keep on sewing.

  2. It looks great! Sounds like you've got a lot to think about and keeping a journal is the way to go. The frayed thread could be an anomoly..it's possible your machine is just not a fan of that particular thread. I have this problem with FMQ on my Pfaff. I know it sounds counter-intuitive and will shock the QP, but polyester is so much easier for FMQ!

  3. love the fall quilt, Paulette. was having same trouble with the viking mid arm. now using superior brand cotton cone. made by king tut thread but cheaper.

  4. Love it. The flower design is so pretty.

  5. It came out beautifully. I get frustrated when I am quilting and the machine acts up, but glad you were able to finish it.


  6. Oh, I think your quilting looks wonderful! Way to go!

  7. We need to figure out what's causing that thread--didn't you say So Fine--to fray and break, I sometimes have that problem when using variegated threads but not So Fine. We can't have you frustrated!! Here's my two cents worth--loosen your top tension until you get loopies on the top, this may also cause loopies and even a nest on the back--begin to tighten your top tension until the stitches are perfect--look at the bobbin tension side and see if it is OK, if not you may need to adjust the bobbin tension. Also, are you absolutely sure you have the machine threaded correctly? This has been my problem more times than I am willing to admit!! Lint inside the top tension guides can also cause problems. Others have probably all ready given you these hints but it never hurts to have lots of help! :))

  8. I just love your quilt and the quilting looks great, good job!

  9. I would love to hear about the journal keeping. Perhaps you could share an entry or two as examples. Then we could see how it helped you. Thank you!

  10. I have had the same problem quilting with my Phaff mid arm machine. Add massive nests on the back of my quilts!! Now i keep the quilt very loose, go slow and have switched to polyester maxi loc thread. Everything works like a dream now

  11. My Mega Quilter Viking leaves those Birdsnests on the back too. When you figure that out let us know. My Bernina doesn't so I switched back to it on the table. Good idea to keep a journal.