Thursday, September 12, 2013

She SEWS Sea Shells Down by the Sea Shore…

…I stitched two more rows of clamshells while hanging around down at the beach…Seemed only fitting somehow…


Five rows of clamshells stitched altogether…


At this rate, I will be at least 97 years old when this quilt is finished!!  What was I thinking….??

On the Hiking Front~

We went to Strathcona Provincial Park yesterday (cougar country) and it was stunning!!  Thought you would enjoy seeing a little bit of what our island has to offer a bit inland…

Did I mention that there have been several cougar sightings in the area? 

This is Buttle Lake…magnificent!!  (Is that a cougar way out there doing the back stoke?)


Our hike through the woods…(I think I hear some loud purring…??)


…to these falls!  So lush and green…and no big orange cats to speak of!IMG_7311_thumb[2]

Hope you are having a cougar free day too!  ENJOY! 

Today we are off to another Park…and maybe a quilt shop or two!~P


  1. Some beautiful views. And how clever to work on clam shells by the seashore.

  2. Beautiful photos of the scenery, have fun and be careful

  3. The cure to getting more clam shells done might be more vacation time... :)

  4. Wow, what an area to hike in, love it. Could do without cougar sightings though, lol. I cannot imagine doing a clamshell, but you are doing a beautiful job on them.


  5. Hope there wasn't a cougar! That would scare me away from hiking for sure.:) Love your clamshell quilt. Looks like a perfect place to work on it!

  6. Beautiful clam shell project and stunning oics!

  7. What a beautiful place to be sewing a beautiful quilt. Not too sure, but is that a cougar I can see hiding under the quilt though?

  8. lol at QuiltSue! A cougar under the quilt! :-) hahaha

    The park is breathtakingly beautiful! I'd love to visit there one day!

  9. Beautiful views! Your clam shells are coming along nicely! You may get it done sooner than you think!;-)

  10. Glorious...simply glorious! Your pictures are perfect Paulette...

    We are looking forward to your next stop. Enjoy!

  11. This is beautiful... the scenery and the quilt!