Monday, September 9, 2013

Off to the Fair!

That’s the Cowichan Exhibition where there were quilts aplenty!  P1240158

Thank goodness the Cowichan Valley Quilters are a prolific bunch and get all of their UFOs DONE…(unlike another quilter we all know!!  :o}})

What a show…sit back and enjoy the ride!

This quilt was ALL hand done…from the embroidery work, to the hand quilting!  Gorgeous!


This Bed Runner was made by Terri and machine quilted by Hazel!!  The rabbits were magnificent!


Glynis’ Grandmother’s Flower Garden cleaned up, as I knew it would!!  STUNNING quilt!!


And so did Tracey’s Bear Quilt…absolutely ADORABLE!!…and the Judges agreed!


Loved this quilt representing Eric Carle’s book “The Very Hungry Caterpillar”!  A young girl came by with her boyfriend and was jumping up and down when she saw her ribbon!  He had to take her picture with the quilt looking surprised and happy!!  SEW good to see young enthusiastic quilters among us!


I tried to take a picture to show you how it was a three-D quilt!


P1240168 P1240169 P1240170

This quilt was made by an old friend, Kathleen!  Love the way she fancy stitched around her blocks!


Another scrap happy quilt…covered with kisses!

P1240174 P1240175

Loved the simplicity of this quilt!!


Kathleen also made this quilt!  She said she got together with 4 or 5 friends and they swapped fabrics to get their bright and scrappy quilts!


This was her friend’s version!  Loved them both!


This quilt’s FMQ took my breath away!!


Check it out!  The quilter painted around each leaf to pop them!!P1240180 P1240181 P1240182

The judges thought Tracey’s Red Hot Pepper quilt was hot stuff…and I agree!!  Gorgeous!


We all LOVED this quilt…!!  STUNNING!  And the quilting was the icing on the cake!


Here’s a long range shot of it!!  I want…!!


And then there is THIS quilt!!  Love it!  It’s called “Winter Rose Trellis” by Teri Christensen!  Homespun goodness at it’s best!! P1240188 P1240189 P1240190 P1240191 P1240192

This scrap happy quilt was made by Leaders and Enders!!  Lovely!

P1240193  P1240196 P1240197 P1240198

A Cranapple Hill design called “Snow Days”!!  All of their designs are  lovely and this one is no exception!  STUNNING!!

P1240199 P1240200


If you liked these quilts, then you are going to want to come back tomorrow for MORE!!  Now I have to hustle if I want to go to quilting this morning!!  Yikes, I’m late…and I am bringing goodies!!

Have a good one!!


  1. Thank you so much for sharing some beautiful quilts, I'll be back tomorrow for more. :-)

  2. Beautiful quilts! I love Grandmother's Flower Garden. I'll be back for the next instalment. Thank you!

  3. Great quilt photos from the fair, P. I've been looking for some inspiration lately, and these quilts certainly fill the bill. I'll be back tomorrow for more. I'm reorganizing my sewing room today so won't get much done, but I'll be happy with a little more fabric shelf space.

  4. I love the fair, and all the quilts...pretty and inspiring!

  5. I feel like I've just been to the show! Thanks for posting those pictures -- looking forward to more tomorrow!

  6. The Flower Garden quilt is so pretty. I remember seeing a pattern for that design somewhere along the line.

    You find so much to write about. You must get out and about a lot.

  7. Thanks P, was away this weekend and missed the Ex. Love the photos. Did you go to Richards sale Saturday? Do you know if there is going to be another one?

  8. Thanks P, was away this weekend and missed the Ex. Love the photos. Did you go to Richards sale Saturday? Do you know if there is going to be another one?

  9. A lot of beautiful quilts and a lot of variety in styles.


  10. Thanks for the show, I'll come back to see more tomorrow. Hope you made some good goodies!!!

  11. Wow, beautiful quilts.
    Great show and tell
    Thank you Julia ♥

  12. My Favorite was the hexie quilt but lots of other beauties in between. Looks like a great show!!

  13. Wow, those are some serious quilts there. I love the hexie one. It's really nice.

  14. sighhh. I love the vicarious quilt show hopping on the internet. Thank you so much for sharing.

  15. Thanks for sharing. Always enjoy your quilt show shares.:)

  16. Thanks for the show - I liked the trees with tiny pinwheels on white background - such a cute quilt.