Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Practice, Practice, Practice…

…is what it’s going to take to get me in the driver’s seat without any crashes, blimps or fender benders!  It’s RAINING today…so that means I get to PRACTICE all day long!

I found this old UFO in the same bin as yesterday’s quilt…must have been in there for at least 6 years… so it’s time.   P1240124

I had all these strips left over from another quilt so I added some browns and the panel pictures and we have a whole new quilt.


I do need a new tablecloth for the RV and this sure will fit the bill!


So on with the practicing…let’s hope the moon and stars are all lined up…and if I hold my mouth just right, then perhaps I won’t have any more thread fraying/breakage!!

Hey, it’s the first day of school here in my neck of the woods!!  Since I retired from teaching the first day has ALWAYS been a special day…(right Claire:o)!  Not that we didn’t love our jobs…we just love retirement WAY more!!  On the first day of school, I usually sail by my old school on my bike and yell a great big “YAHOO”!!  Well, it’s too wet for that today…so I will have to settle for a great big “YAHOO” right here and now!!  If you are a retired teacher …or if you just sent your little guy back to school…you may want to join Claire and I…ALL together now…”YAHOOOOOO!!!”  Now didn’t THAT feel good!

Have a wonderful day…playing/practicing!  Ain’t retirement grand!!


  1. I sure hope you have no issues today!! Happy quilting!

  2. I am wondering if it is pfaff, I am always having problems with my creative vision and that machine came out at the same time. If you have a dealer in the area, ask them about upgrades or updates to the machine.


  3. Have Fun! I'm not retired, I just don't work outside my house anymore. My Dream job was taken from me 7 years ago. I'm a Quiltingrndma now. I try to quilt almost everyday. Grandson started today in Wyoming, the rest of the school age grands and Family Teachers started last week in Wyoming, Tri-cities and Colorado.

  4. I can't wait to retire. Only 16 weeks left! I'd love to be able to get a mid-arm machine to quilt all these tops I have piled up in the corner. One day....

  5. Today is my first day of retirement.. well I did go in and work 3 hours just to get payroll out for the people that are still working...Hopefully he will hire my replacement soon.

    I am so stinking happy to be retired that I could spit.

  6. Just try another thread. My Bernina doesn't like Sulky thread.
    You are doing such a good job of doing UFO's want to do some of mine?

  7. Keep practicing Paulette...how are you going to get that mid-arm in the RV this winter?

  8. It's not just the moon and stars, or the way you hold your mouth you know, it's the angle of your head and the angle you have the tip of your tongue sticking out too.

    First day of school here today too, and GS2 has just gone off to high school - they grow up so fast.