Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Fair Fun…

OK…we are back at the Fair…I’m afraid I can’t stay and give you a blow by blow of each quilt!  We are going ‘camping’ for a few days…I told my hubby that I was all packed but I lied!  (I just couldn’t drag myself out of the sewing room room yesterday!)  SEW…I’m not ready…  While he sleeps, I am packing! First thing up, is my stitching projects…sure hope the Sewing Room doesn’t suck me up into that spinning vortex again…yikes!  It gets a hold of me and won’t let go!!

Hope you like the show!!

P1240242 P1240202 P1240203 P1240204 P1240206 P1240207 P1240208 P1240209 P1240210 P1240219 P1240220 P1240221 P1240222 P1240223 P1240224 P1240225 P1240226 P1240227 P1240228 P1240229 P1240230 P1240231 P1240232 P1240233 P1240234 P1240235 P1240238 P1240239 P1240240 P1240241

I still have the WOOL WORK section at the Fair to share…lots of woolie goodness there!!  Stay tuned!!

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!!  Now I have got to hustle!~P


  1. Lots of wonderful quilts and inspiration.


  2. Beautiful quilts! Enjoy the camping!

  3. Great show. My favorite is the Dresden. Another quilt that's on my bucket list!

  4. Wow, thanks for sharing. I love the cathedral windows!!!!

    Happy camping :)

  5. Una feria muy interesante.

    Saludos :)

  6. Have a fun trip, but hurry back! Can't wait to see my favorite...all the woolie goodies!!!!

  7. Thanks for sharing, lots of beautiful quilts