Sunday, September 22, 2013

Hazel Worked Her Magic!!

Yup, Hazel came to my rescue and saved my bacon!  She took the quilt top that I made for my daughter…you may remember it from HERE…it was seriously destined to remain a UFO forever!  It’s huge and it needed straight line quilting using a ruler…my mid arm doesn’t have a big enough bed to accommodate any size ruler…SEW… Hazel took it home with her and preformed her magic using her long arm and her trusty L-Shaped ruler and she quilted it for me! 

SPECTACULAR is the word that I would call her quilting!!  It absolutely blew me away!  I was speechless!!

Have a look for yourself!


This quilt is SEW not me!!  It’s modern and plain…not a speck of Civil War or Homespun…plain. solid. fabric…and I (now) LOVE IT!!


Hazel turned this ‘sew-sew’ quilt top into a JEM!!  My daughter is going to flip when she sees this quilt!!!  Look at those zigzags…LOOK at those diamonds!!  LOVE IT ALL!


Here’s the magician now…THANK YOU, HAZEL!!  You are the greatest!


You might remember Hazel from this POST…and you may remember her gorgeous quilting studio, complete with spectacular view!

Well there have been a few changes in her studio!  The carpeting has gone and beautiful hard wood flooring has replaced it…making this room even more practical!   AND her mid arm has been replaced by this beauty!!  It’s a Pfaff long arm and she quilts like a dream!   (It’s a good thing the carpet was gone as it made it so much easier to mop up my drool!:o)  LOVE this machine!! 

There are no breaks for Hazel…can you see that she is getting ready to work more magic on this Heritage charity quilt!


AND because of the lovely hard wood floors, EVERYTHING is now on wheels…including her lamps!  Hazel is so clever! 


LOOK at what she has done!  She has placed all of her lamps on Pot Stands!!  You can find these in any garden centres as they were originally intended for raising big plant pots…well Hazel put her lamps on them and now she can roll them where ever and whenever!!  I see the LIGHT!  Hallelujah!  I have got to buy me a couple of these!


And of course like all GREAT Magicians, Hazel has a work in progress!!  Don’t you LOVE visiting another quilter’s studio!  Can’t wait to see this one finished!


There you have it!  Now I have a feeling that there is going to be a massive run on rolling Pot Stands!  You won’t be alone!  Wal-mart here I come!!  Start your engines! 

Have a wonderful Sunday and keep on rollin’!~P


  1. Beautiful quilt for your daughter and the quilting is amazing! I like the pot stand idea. I'll have to get one or two!

  2. The zigzag quilt is gorgeous! I'll bet your daughter will be thrilled with it. Pot stands -- brilliant!

  3. The quilt turned out wonderful Paulette...and love Hazel's floors and those lamp stands!!

  4. Like you, I am not really attracted to creating a modern quilt but would if requested. The results for your daughter's zig zag quilt are wonderful and I am sure she'll love it too. Thank you and Hazel for sharing that great idea about the planter wheels.

  5. Wonderful! Both the quilt and the quilting. Thanks for the brilliant idea for the light stand. Awesome! Have a great day!

  6. That quilt is so lovely! :)
    Greetings from Finland!
    Hugs, Ulla

  7. I have just made a quilt similar to this one, but wasn't game enough to use an all white background, which looks fabulous. Well done, it is so much harder to create outside your comfort zone. Now I have had a bit more of a first hand experience at modern quilts, I have put my civil war fabrics aside...and started a second one!
    By the way the quilting is great, love the square pattern in the larger white spaces.

  8. You are so right! Hazel is a magician and so are you! The quilt and the quilting are gorgeous!

  9. Hazel did a fabulous job on the quilt. And the rolling Pot Stands are genius! Unfortunately for me, I have carpet in my nest. Oh well, I can live vicariously through you and Hazel!

  10. Paulette your daughter is going to be thrilled. I'm like you, this is not my style, but I love it.

  11. Great quilt - and that Hazel just seems to think of everything!

  12. Oh you're so right, the quilting is amazing for that particular quilt! Love it!

  13. I loved this quilt even before the magician got to work on it but now .. well all I can say is please can you adopt me as a daughter so you have to make me one just like it?

  14. Beautiful job of quilting and perfect for that quilt!!

  15. Gorgeous quilt- what a great job with the quilting! Your daughter is going to LOVE it! And I too love the idea of the pot stand- great thinking!

  16. that quilting design is perfect for the zig zag quilt.