Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Heritage Happenings…

Yup…it’s that time again!!  You get to peek into the window to see what the quilters of Heritage have been up to!  As usual they have been busy!

I may have shown you this one already…but it is worth a re-visit!!  This is a doll quilt made by Delores…teeny tiny and VERY sweet!  Like a lot of quilts, it’s on my ‘To Do List’…


She also whipped up this dinosaur quilt for her grandson…very cute…


Love the pebbled border…and the colours are perfect for a little boy!


A diagonal quilt that is very visually affective!


Joanne has been busy making bibs..ahhhdorable!


Geeze…Delores made bibs too…and a spit up cloth too cute for spitting on!!


You can tell I am in ‘baby mode’…lots of close ups on bibs!!


Loved the terry on the back for a quick swipe or two of the face!!


Delores got the pattern from here…but as you can see she changed up the bib a bit…patterned after an actual bib.  She likes the velcro snaps better than the ric-rac trim.  I have to agree…


The bib pattern can be found in this magazine…looks familiar, doesn’t it?!


Tracy is as busy as a bee…working on these cute little guys!  Tracy is a fast worker and will have this quilt made up lickity split!  The pattern is called ‘Bees, Bears and Berries’ and is designed by a Riverside, CA quilter!  VERY cute!! I will take a picture of the finished quilt and the pattern so that we can all hunt down the pattern…P1230698 P1230699 P1230700 P1230701 P1230702

I have seen this Sock Monkey fabric down south…kick myself now for not buying any…sew sweet!!

P1230703 P1230704

There was a group of ladies (who had attended a workshop) working on these…it’s like cross stitching but different…I swear I NEED to write these things down!! They are gorgeous…and very intricate!

P1230705 P1230706

This quilt was getting ready to be hand quilter…


Visually STUNNING!!  I will keep you posted on the progress….


I loved this scrappy postage stamp baby quilt!!  *LOVE*LOVED it!  A million wee squares with the bear from a panel appliquéd on…Sew dang cute!


And the back was fun too!!  I can see a young child loving this quilt and dragging it all over the place, can’t you!


A lovely elegant runner….


A machine quilted whole cloth done on Satin fabric….


This fabric really showcased the beautiful free motion quilting!!

P1230713 P1230714

And finally, Sandy whipped off this sweet quilt for her friend’s baby!  Yup, Sandy is no longer a beginner…she is now a Quilter…period!!


Very cute!  And love her choice of fabrics…see how the red border and turquoise binding makes this whole quilt sing?  Can’t wait to see her next project!!

I hope every Canadian had a fantastic Canada Day! I know I did!  We are officially 146 years old, as of yesterday!!  Geeze, seems like only yesterday when we turned 100!!  OK, maybe the last 46 years are a bit of a blur but life is like that…gone in a blink of an eye!  I can remember working on a float as a teenage girl for the Centennial Celebration back in 1967!  Maybe I will be decorating a float for Canada’s 150 Birthday!!  Nah…think I’ll make a quilt instead!  A nice red and white quilt…

Thanks for stopping by!!  Hope you are all having a wonderful week…and if not..hang in there, the weekend is just around the corner!~P


  1. boy those Heritage Quilters never disappoint! I love all those baby items...of course!

  2. Lots of wonderful projects and love the baby items. They got tons of bibs, so I didn't bother with those.
    I started a wool mat and even that is too hot in this humidity, lol.


  3. The two pictures that you showed with the weaving is called Swedish Weaving. It is done on Monks Cloth and woven with yarn. I love to do it and also have done it on Huck cloth with embroidery floss for guest towels.

  4. Great pictures from the quilters. Tell Rick I enjoy reading his blog as much as yours. Love the hiking pictures. When we built our house in Oregon the builder told us you don't need a/c in the NW---no way this Florida girl was going to live without it. Also have a paddle fan in every room expect for the bathrooms. My comfort range is 65-75. I don't do heat. So for the next few days while we have 90's I'll be in my sewing room nice and cool.