Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Heritage Happenings…

Our weather on the Vancouver Island has been spectacular…warm and sunny…perfect summer conditions!  When this happens it is expected that the numbers of Heritage Quilting will go down.  This is generally the case…quilters are busy in their gardens, they have visiting company or they are off on a holiday of their own.  BUT we all know that regardless of the weather there will ALWAYS be those quilters who will show up….and last Monday was no exception!  The numbers may have been down but we still had lots of activity!

Have a look…

Jodi finished her Twister Quilt and Hazel quilted it for her…Isn’t it wonderful!  Doesn’t it inspire you to get out your Twister Ruler and Twist Again.. like we did last summer!
Yea, let's twist again like we did last year…

You go round and round and up and down…Ok, ok…enough of the song BUT isn’t the name of this quilt appropriate!  Seriously…just looking at it makes you want to break out in song…P1230785

And Hazel did a wonderful job with her quilting…


Speaking of Hazel…this is her Challenge Quilt…most everyone at Heritage took home a panel to create a Charity Quilt…well Hazel added purple and green stripes to hers and then quilted it with…


…birds and bees!  Can you see them?


Hazel said she used a plastic template and washable pen, traced the shape and then stitched over them!!  Brilliant! 

A very pretty transformation of a panel, don’t you think!


Tracy finished her Bears, Bees and Bunnies quilt and was pinning it for quilting!  DANG CUTE!!


This quilt is SEW going onto my ‘TO DO LIST’…for my next grand-baby!  (Just listen to me!  Get one grand-baby and I start talking like there is a whole classroom of them waiting in the wings…just waiting to make their entrance!! Well…I say bring ‘em on!!  heehee)  P1230791

Yup…bee prepared is this grammy’s motto!


How sweet are these bunnies!!  Yup, adorable!


Lookie here…it’s WOOL!!  Sandy has started ‘Dress Me Up Frosty’ by Nutmeg Hare!  Sandy didn’t have any background wool so she cut up her hubby’s hunting pants!!  You heard me…practically ripped them right off his body…:o))  Hey, a girl’s got to do, what a girl’s got to do when it comes to making a penny!!  Nice pants too…they have a little red flecks in the fabric…very stylish!


And our newest member, Glynis is stitching ‘To Dance with Flowers’ by Heart to Hand.  LOVE it!


Hey, have a look at Glynis’ coffee mug…it’s like a flower post with handle.  VERY appropriate, don’t you think?


One of the members was working on this beauty!!  Isn’t it wonderful!!


I love the scrappy beauty of this top…


…and the way it starts out light in the middle and radiates out with the brighter, darker  colours!


This quilt has been TEN years in the making…definitely not for the faint of heart!


And finally this was the Block of the Month.  If you make a Block then your block goes into the pile and you receive a raffle ticket…the more you make the more tickets you receive. The blocks are Raffled off at the end of the month.  27 blocks were entered this month…


The lady in green was the LUCKY winner!! 


Well this took longer that I thought…

I am off and running to the hair dresser this morning!  Hopefully she can do something with my mop! 

Thanks for stopping by…and happy quilting!!~P


  1. The Heritage Quilters never fail to provide some lovely eye candy. Love the twister quilt. I don't usually see it in the larger size, just the little ones. It looks quite spectacular. A great wool mat, and Sandy was certainly brave to grab those pants.

  2. The first one is my favorite!


  4. Lovely pictures Paulette, the hexagon quilt is amazing. How much bigger is she planning on making it. Great collections of colours.

    The bee quilt is adorable, definitely on your to bee list.

    Enjoy this great weather were having!

  5. The block of the month raffle sounds like a lot of fun! Lucky lady who won the baskets this time!

  6. Lots of eye candy and the baby quilt is so cute. I also love the hexagon piece, beautiful work.


  7. Another wonderful update for us! Thanks for sharing all the news and pics!

  8. So many beautiful quilts! And I think I soon have to find my twister ruler.
    Thanks for sharing the photos!