Wednesday, July 24, 2013

This and That…

My eldest daughter, Erin and her boyfriend, Greg, are visiting from Calgary!  You might remember that she is the daughter who has started dabbling in quilting…:o))  Yes, she is starting to take an interest in Mama’s stash…and has lots of questions about the whole quilting process!  I am loving it!  Nothing like having a daughter who is cut from the same cloth…!

However yesterday we thought we would take the dogs out for some much needed exercise…and enjoy our sunny day…and where better than a hike up Cobble Hill Mountain!


You will have to agree…nothing like having a picnic lunch while gazing down on our beautiful valley!  That spectacular mountain in the distance is Mount Baker!  Gorgeous!

ch mt2

But enough about hikes, views and company…let’s talk quilting!!

LOOK at what was waiting for me in the mailbox when we got down off the mountain!!  Yup…it’s the Fall 2013 Primitive Quilts and Projects Magazine…P1230825

Let me give you just a wee taste of some of this year’s Fall quilts…

A Tonee White design…love the Fall colours and that vine around that ties it all together!


This little mat just screams Laural Arestad  from Simply Put Plus!  Her work is always gorgeous…with a sweet message and just a dash of stitchery!


And who wouldn’t love to put this on their table in September?!  Love it!


That’s it…that’s all I’m going to show you!!  I don’t want to break any copyright rules…so you are going to have to hustle to a Newsstand to see the rest of the projects!  I’m such a tease!

Have a great day…and I hope you have a sunshiny kind of day!~P


  1. That's just great. Now I need another new magazine. Oh wait - I ALWAYS need a new magazine! Thanks for sharing your gorgeous scenery with us.

  2. I like those too Paulette. They are in my to do list

  3. Beautiful view! So great for you to have your daughter take an interest. I'm sure you have LOTS to talk about.:)

  4. That view is fantastic! Yesterday when I got my hands on the latest magazine I started frothing at the mouth! lol

  5. Hi! Love your blog... I am having a giveaway on my blog.. tell all your friend! I was just at the Woolen Willow... it was such fun! Have a great day!

  6. What a gorgeous view and nice way to spend the day. We are home early, don't ask;)


  7. Do you know if you can buy this magazine on new stands? I love the last picture you showed. My Mom's birthday is Hallowe'en and it would be great to make it for her table. Thanks


  8. Paulette, I think I got my magazine the same day you did. Even though I know what to expect inside it is still so exciting to see a design in print. Thank you for spotlighting my project. Love your blog it always inspires me to get sewing.