Sunday, July 21, 2013

New Girl in Town…

Don’t you love it when you meet the New Girl in Town and you hit it off perfectly…and you find out that you have SEW much in common…

In this case the ‘New Girl’ is Norma Whaley who recently formed her own pattern company called Timeless Traditions…along with her own blog of the same name!  BOTH of which I love!

You may already KNOW Norma as she use to be a part of the Geoff’s Mom Pattern Co. team …although she’s not Geoff’s mom…Joyce is Geoff’s Mom.  Now that Norma has formed her own company, we quilters get the best of both world…patterns from both of these talented ladies!

Let me show you a little snippet of what the talented Norma Whaley has created…

We’ve all seen this quilt…and most of us own the pattern…:o) but did you know that it is a Norma Whaley creation?!


I spotted this pattern at Road to California and HAD to have it…yup…another of Norma Whaley’s creations!!

Pine and Holly Table runner

When I was leafing through Quiltmania’s newest Special issue (on their website) I spotted this beauty…and was not surprised when I saw that it was another Norma Whaley design!!  LOVE IT!! 

Star Garden

And of course I was gifted this lovely pattern from Anne…ahhh she knows me well! 


Yup…I predict that we will be seeing A LOT more of Norma Whaley from Timeless Traditions!  Does this woman SLEEP?

Make sure you check out Norma’s blog…it’s a good one!  If you scroll down you will see pictures of her new Christmas tree skirt…yup…you guessed it!  It’s going on my TO DO LIST!!

Thanks for stopping by and sharing your Sunday morning with me…now hurry off to Norma’s blog…you won’t be disappointed!!~P


  1. Thanks for sharing this info. I love her work!

  2. Oh I am so glad you posted this! I LOVE that chickadee table runner!! Off to add Norma's blog to my list!!

  3. Oh my word you are an enabler! I went to her site and fell in love! Thanks for the heads up.

  4. Norma is sure talented! Love the patterns!

  5. Oh i a, off to google these now. Just love that christmas quilt

  6. Your work is so wonderful.

  7. I ran across her site a couple weeks ago. Norma is definitely a creative designer. Almost everything she does is to my taste.

  8. Love the new pattern and I really love the winter bird piece. We hit the stores on our way home and they didn't have anything like that.