Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Challenge…

Way back last year Bonnie Hunter started a Challenge…a Leaders and Enders Bow Tie/Spool Challenge. 

I had always wanted to try the Bow Tie block and so I hopped on the Band Wagon!  Man, I am so happy that I did!  I have this sweet little guy to thank for it! 


This small quilt is made entirely of scraps…with only two bowties being the same!  Can you find those two?


Doesn’t it look great with the scrappy Civil War tumbler UFO?!  I must get that one finished too!!

If you want to see more Bow Tie/Spool Challenge quilts then you MUST go over to Bonnie’s Blog!  I’m sure there will be a mess of them..and I say this in a good way!

Now I have visions of Bow Ties dancing in my head….  Isn’t this quilt by Need’l Love gorgeous?! 


I have started to collect pink and green fabrics…just sayin’!  This pattern can be found in the Garden Gate Threads Book…


The quilters’ lament…so many beautiful pattern…so little time!

Have a wonderful Wednesday and thanks for popping by!


  1. Your little bow-tie quilt is super cute. I always stayed away from these quilts as I thought they were to finicky. Then I checked out Bonnie's blog, and now I see they are really quite simple. So I'm going to try one using my Civil War scraps. Hope I make a dent in that pile.

  2. The brown bow tie in the sixth position from the left in row two and the brown one fifth from the left in the third row.

  3. Love your bow ties! It 's so great to use the leaders and enders approach and have a quilt ready in no time! Wonderful!

  4. So many patterns, so little time - how true! You can never get tired of quilting!

    Love your bowties.

  5. Oh your quilt is just darling!

  6. I love your little Bow Tie quilt. I wanted to make one too and just started one over the weekend. Thanks for the great show and tell. Love all the Bow Tie pictures.

  7. Love your Bow Tie quilt! I've had a Bow Tie quilt on my list forever and a day. Don't ask me why I haven't started - who knows! LOL

  8. Several years ago I went to a retreat with about 25 people. I went to everyone's table and got a small scrap of a light and dark fabric from everyone and then made a 3" hand pieced bowtie quilt that I called Friendship Ties.

    Yours is lovely. Congratulations they are addictive.

  9. I'm working on a bow-tie quilt right now because I love the pattern SO much! Congrats on your wonderful finish!

  10. I have my Bow Ties sewn into 9's like Bonnie did, just have to add the sashing when I find the fabric I chose for them, again! Yes, Too many Quilts, so Little time...

  11. Wonderful quilt and great book for new ideas. I need to get motivated, can't make up my mind and with only two days to go, I think I will just bring something to stitch, lol.


  12. Nice bow ties my friend!

  13. I see Rick is using your comments section as a "test"--I love the pink and green bow tie quilt but don't think I'm up to that many little pieces!

  14. I have a cute little table topper done in the bow tie pattern. I just love it but hubby is using it over the back of his chair right now. Will put a stop to that! Guess I'd better make a couple for the chairs that will suit the room.