Monday, July 22, 2013

Birth of a Neighbourhood!

Strike Up the Band!  (Geeze where are Mickey Rooney and Judy Garland when you need them!) Let the streamers and confetti fly! 

We’ve got ourselves the Birth of a Neighbourhood…which is what Claire is calling her Homespun Houses as it took her NINE long months to finish!  And like all good ‘things’, it was well worth the wait…what a beauty!

claires homespun houses

If you remember… Cotton N’ Wool featured this quilt as a sew-a-long project last year and the big reveal was back in January.  If you want to revisit the other Homespun House Quilts then go HERE!  It’s well worth the stroll down memory lane!  This is one of my all time favourite quilts!

Claire would like to thank Anne one more time…for not giving up on her!  But in all fairness to Claire, she started this quilt later than we did…she waited until AFTER she retired…(and between us, Claire has been kicking up her heels ever since!!  Ain’t retirement grand!:o)

SEW Anne…I think we need another project…any ideas out there?? 

Next time, YOU should join us…we had fun…and we all came away with a gorgeous quilt! 

Till next time…~P


  1. Paulette, the appliqué vine around the quilt with the star flowers is just lovely. I'm sure Clare is happy to have finally birthed this neighbourhood.

  2. This neighbourhood is so beautiful! What fun you all had!

  3. I would live in that neighborhood anytime! I am still building, lol

  4. I am in awe of that quilt ~ simply gorgeous!!


  5. Love those house quilts! Beautiful!

  6. Love this quilt! Cute details.

  7. Love your quilt and all your projects.. I have caught the house bug, do you know where I can find the book? Thanks so much. I live in Iowa and the saying would be that our quilts would end up on a hay rack for sale, but daughter said no, on e-bay. Cut her out of my will!