Saturday, February 7, 2015

The Grand Illusion…

Imagine my surprise to see THIS being worked on during Clubhouse Quilting this week…it’s Bonnie Hunter’s Mystery Quilt called “Grand Illusion”!


Martha is new to The Sands and is planning on staying only one month… but lucky for us because she will be working on her Grand Illusion!  (It still needs borders!)

Let me tell Martha’s ‘Grand Illusion’ is magnificent!! 


It was such a pleasure to see it in REAL LIFE as I have been ‘following along’ on Bonnie’s blog!


It is gorgeous…busy but in a good way!  Are you dizzy yet…?


Scrap happy but in an orderly way …


Thanks for sharing, Martha!!  I look forward to seeing the borders on and the quilt top complete…and to see what other illusions you have up your sleeve!!


Have a Super Saturday and Happy Stitching!~P


  1. That is a beautiful quilt and so much work, she did a beautiful job on it.


  2. All I can say is WOW! I bet she has spent many hours on that one. I too follow Bonnie, Just haven't been brave enough to try one. I didn't comment yesterday, so here goes. I just love your blocks. That is going to be a really wonderful Holiday quilt. You have really finished a lot now with all the words stitched. Just beautiful and Fun! See you soon.

  3. Great job, Martha! I particularly like the scrappy range of greens. I can definitely see the Michigan colours that inspired Bonnie in this one. With all this done, the border should be easy!

  4. some day, it's my dream to be able to make patchwork! The colors remember me spring flowers! Congratulations :)

  5. Love the Grand Illusion! I have my top finished! Yippee! It is really, really big when it is done! My family is still deciding if they like it or not. I do and my favorite part is the outside border! I used a pink inner border not gold like Bonnie's and I am glad. It drew all my crazy pinks together. This mystery had easier parts but boy did it take a while to sew together. Great job Martha you are almost there! K-

  6. Yes, there are alot of GI mystery quilts done out there, alas I'm not one of them but I'm starting to put the large blocks together. She's done a great job for sure. I'm sidelined again to make a cancer quilt for a good friend of my Hubby's right now. Have a great weekend P.

  7. Great quilt! Looks like Martha has lots of hours in this beauty.

  8. Beautiful Grand Illusion, congrats to Martha from me!
    I had my happy dance on my Grand Illusion last week ☺

  9. Beautiful quilt! I've had my eye on one like that for quite a while but haven't been brave enough to start it yet.

  10. I too love the Grand Illusion quilt and Martha did a great job!

  11. Great job! I follow Bonnie and watch with wonder as her mystery quilts develop. Maybe someday I will get brave enough to join in the fun!