Thursday, February 5, 2015

The Palm Spring’s Vintage Flea Market…

..happens on the first Sunday of every month and people come from all over to attend!  I showed you my loot on Monday, now let me show you the actual Fair!  Pour yourself a coffee, sit back and ENJOY!

These are the beautiful mountains that Palm Springs is nestled up against!  Don’t you love the palm trees and the BLUE, BLUE sky!  It was only 9am when we arrived and it was already hot!  A definite POOL day!


I guess these little desert ants and road runners are made from recycled metal and they were cute…but are they vintage?


Lots of weird paintings…perfect for any living room!  (Yowzers…only if you drink funny lemonade!)


Vintage buttons in every colour!


Slap some Annie Sloan paint on these tables and then consider it a great find!  Great bones…IMG_3594

Tons of glassware…vintage or not!


Loving the stacked matching suitcases!  And you can NEVER have too many Jackass Crossing signs!


This little tool case would be perfect for wee pillows or succulents!


This was my favourite ‘shop’.  It was called VINTAGE ADDICTIONS and clearly the man was creative!  Beautiful furniture either refurnished (to look old) or made from recycled materials.


Very neat pieces!


Loved the picnic table made from old barn wood polished to a smooth patina!  Gorgeous!


And wouldn’t this create a load of conversation at your next pool party…the bar is made from the hood to an old tractor!


And this brings new meaning to ‘farmhouse kitchen’!!


And I loved this old bench made in the trunk of a Chevy…kind of brings back memories! ;o)


Tons of little cabinets and trunks and loved the pails!


I was fascinated with these hand carved rubber blocks made for stamping fabrics!  Wouldn’t it be fun to try one out on a wrap skirt or on a table cloth…or on a focal quilt block? hmmmm


He had TONS of them…I think he said they were $20 each..


Ohhh…I love that one that looks like a penny rug…in fact doesn’t it look like the Primitive Gathering logo?!  I might have to go back and wheel and deal!


He had several interesting cupboards and cabinets!


One last picture of this booth before we head on out….If you see something that YOU can’t live without, here is his email address….\\\ Tell him the blogging lady sent you….


I had a sewing case JUST LIKE THIS ONE when I was a kid!!  Yowzers…guess I’m now considered Vintage!


I loved this Rabbit Casserole dish and thought immediately of Michelle’s Harrington and Hannah…wouldn’t it be fun to be rich and send meaningful gifts to all of your blogging friends.  Just so you know, I will continue to buy those Lottery Tickets in the hopes of doing just that!:o)


And because this IS a quilting blog…I had to include a few Vintage quilts…


Like this Dresden hanging majestically off the back of a pickup truck!


Loved this yoyo quilt that the lady was mending.  She never did give me a price…but went into the story behind the quilt.  (I wandered off when another customer arrived…and she never did get to the punch line!  You know when there is a story involved that the price is going to be steep! haha)


It was gorgeous and BIG!


A VERY poofy signature quilt dated 1931.  WHAT did they use for stuffing…grandpa long johns?


Loved the red dots in this bowtie top!


This was a fun booth!  Very retro…


And check out the old mason jar swag!!


…and an old Olympics jar made into a light swag…a clever way to showcase a meaningful jar!


I swear…throw doilies on these tables and we have got the tables that were in my parents’ house when we were growing up!  Deja vu flashback!


In fact, I think they had this lamp too…or one very similar!!


This tray has been painted (chalkboard inside) and little crochet yoyos glued on…sweet!


WOW!!  A pin for every sit-in!


A REAL man can never have too much cologne…these bottle of the stuff must have weighted 50 lbs!


As I was standing there staring at this antler light fixture, thinking WHO would have one in their home, the lady beside me said to the vendor “I have one just like this in my home…only smaller! I would love to own two…how much?”  AND she looked normal!!  (the fixture was $750 for those interested!)  IMG_3618

But we don’t judge at these events…after all I am the one who left with the old sewing cabinet drawers…and NO cabinet!  Yup…there is one in every crowd!


So ends another glorious day in the valley…

Have a thrilling Thursday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. That looks like a fun market to go to, lots of unique pieces too. I love the barn wood table, that is beautiful.


  2. One of these times I'll have to be down there for the first Sunday. Love the thrift shops in the area also.

  3. What a fun stroll through the market!

  4. Loved the view, flea markets a em in. I still have my sewing cast except mine is brown.. Guess I am vintage too. Haha!

  5. I am a vintage girl..just not cause I am old!
    Love this post...and I also love your blog I have been reading it for some time but I just had to post aboutI'm just getting into quilting you are inspiration

  6. What fun! I love going to flea markets. You could use those fabric stamps and make your own batik fabric! :) They'd look cool just sitting on a shelf.