Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Clubhouse Chatter…

I’m in a rush this morning…The Sand’s Clubhouse is opening the doors to the North Hall at 8:30am to accommodate all the keen quilters… which means I don’t have time to dilly dally! 

Let’s get the show on the road…

I’m not sure if this is going to be a runner or a quilt but Alice is doing a wonderful job!!  Stay tuned for the happy ending…


This is definitely going to be a runner…Royce is a beginning quilter and she has taken on a difficult task…and doing an awesome job in the process!


Karen’s professional bag isn’t quite finished but it is going to be gorgeous!


Deb is making a quilt for her grandson…this will be the border and it…


…will circle this panel!  Sew FUN!


Yes, you aren’t see things…this really is an out house!  Anne is making a wall hanging for her rig!


She is using THIS PATTERN…man this proves that they have patterns for everything!!


Anne is also working on this lovely appliqued topper…


And she took these blocks and put them together to make…


…this gorgeous tablecloth!


Doris was stitching the binding on her wonderful place mats…


And I love BC Sandy ‘s quilt…which she was busy quilting!


JoAnne was putting the last hand stitches into these wonderful wool and cotton blocks by Primitive Gathering called ‘Warm Winter Wishes’!


Kim has started machine stitching her gorgeous blocks by  Laundry Basket!   They are laser cut applique pieces using batiks on cotton background.  This quilt is going to be huge and gorgeous!


Jan is binder her soft and cuddly rag strip quilt for some lucky baby!


Geeze Louise…I can’t remember who was making this beauty…all I can say is that I am old…very, very old….


Lindsay is hard at work quilting her monster quilt…and using a few choice words!  Quilting on black using black thread is always challenging and requires a certain language familiar only to a true quilter…:o}}


I have been working on borders for my basket quilt…I am almost there!!


On Monday we had a guest come in to show some of the crafters how to make a shrug out of fleece…and yes there was NO SEWING!  A circle of fleece cut two holes and you are DONE!


We even have a model…world famous model Jan, was present to model her creation…


Along with several other ladies…now are these shrugs not the cutest…perfect for those evenings around the campfire or a night at the opera!:o)


Doris is making the most gorgeous tea cozies EVER!  She is so talented!


Martha got her borders onto her Grand Illusion…


It is big and absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!


And Heritage Judy made this pretty and cosy Charity Baby Quilt!


Whew!!  We really do have some busy and talented quilters at the Sands!

Now I really DO have to RUN or I am going to be late for this week’s Clubhouse happenings!  Tomorrow is the Sand’s Quilt Show which is always fun to see!  We have lots to do to get ready…UFOs to finish and projects to make!  Stay tuned….

Have a Wild Wednesday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. Wonderful and impressive creations by all those nice ladies!

  2. Oh My! What a great group of quilters. I love the black and brown table runner. The borders on the kids quilt and the Grand Illusion are wonderful. So fun to see what everyone is doing. The shrug is such a great idea. Wonder if that pattern is somewhere or if she made it up.

  3. Gorgeous quilts!!! Anne's tablecloth and the nameless beauty are my particular favs. If you are able to point us to a source for the shrug pattern, I'd appreciate very much!

  4. The girls have out done themselves...spectacular! Tell Lindsey to wear gloves it will save her neck and shoulders when quilting :)

  5. You always make it sound so fun! I'm sure it's very inspiring to keep busy having so many friends working away at their own quilting.:)

  6. Very fun quilty projects! I am curious about the shrug as well. Is it possible to share the details? Looks like fun! You girls do have tons of fun don't you? Thanks for sharing!

  7. Busy quilters for sure! Tell them Thanks for letting you share pictures. I can't wait to see your basket quilt. 30's??

  8. What a great variety of beautiful projects! Love to see those snowmen!

  9. whoaaaaaaa...busy, talented ladies you have there!!!