Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Primitive Gatherings Quilt Shop, CALIFORNIA …

…is now OPEN for business!!!  Yesterday was their ‘soft’ opening and let me tell you, to ME, it was GRAND!!  I LOVED EVERY MOMENT OF MY VISIT!


My first question for Lisa was “CAN I TAKE PICTURES?” Her answer was YES…but the rest was up to me!  Yikes!  Come on girl…steady that hand!!  I was just a wee bit excited…


Now that’s better…Oh my gawd!! 


There was SEW much goodness in this shop!  Now I am not being bias one bit…just because the shop was crammed with wool and wool products, wool patterns and wool kits did not influence me one bit…no sireee sir! I have to tell you…this shop is OUT OF THIS WORLD!!


Here are the greeters…Lisa and helpers…such a nice welcome!


And how’s this for a WELCOME!  This is Luke, Lisa’s handsome son manning the till!  Such a nice young man and very friendly and helpful!  I predict that he is going places!


Ok…let’s check out the shop…quilts EVERYWHERE!  For just opening, where and how did they do this?!


I loved the way the cabinets were painted black, really popping the quilts!


Be still my heart…I need to pull out Lisa’s Nine Patch book when I get home!  Adorable quilts!


And everywhere you turn, there are wool projects!


Did I mention wool?  Yes, Primitive Gatherings CA has wool…just a wee smidgen…like in this cupboard plus TWO more…one to the left and one to right!  Seriously…I need an hit of oxygen!  Where’s my mask?


Look at the HST in this quilt!  AMAZING!!


I want one of each…please!


And rows of fabrics too!!  Most of the shelves were full…with lots of room for growth!  This shop is only going to get bigger and better!  Can we handle THAT?


Everything is bigger and better in CA…it’s a giant spool of thread!


Throughout the shop there are vignettes of patterns…all together with the designer’s name at the top, making pattern hunting a breeze!


The quilts were hung from the ceiling with care, in hopes that the quilters soon would be there!


This is the classroom…tons of natural light with all this inspiration hanging!


Ohhhh, my!


OMG…I need a closer look at the quilts in the back!  I can clearly see that I NEED to go back!


Yup…goodness all over this shop and the staff was out of this world!  VERY helpful and FUN!


And I bumped into this lovely lady!!  It’s Kathy Cardiff from ‘The Cottage at Cardiff Farms’!!  Kathy turned out to be even NICER in person!  I couldn’t believe that I was in Primitive Gatherings Quilt Shop discussing our ‘Where the Cows Come Home’ Sew-A-Long…happening in April… with the actual author of the BOOK!  Yowzers!!


Check out the lady behind us, in the background…there is a special name for people like her…photobomber?  haha  Too funny!  Anyway, it was lovely meeting Kathy…like meeting up with an old friend!

I also met Lyn from Hemet and Laurel from ‘Simply Put’!  Next time I go to PG-CA I am asking for TWO hours so that I can shop AND visit!!

So a couple of final pictures of the shop while in line to pay…


Yup…I LOVED the shop…it is right up there with the BEST!  Quilt Sampler Magazine will come knocking for sure!  (Please note, my pics do NOT do this shop justice!…SEEING is believing!)


After our PG-CA stop it was off to Skecher’s…only in America!


Looks like a fancy hotel or casino!  Nope…it’s a Skecher’s Factory OUTLET store!


Yes, a pair of shoes followed me home!


Nothing like going from quilts and wool…to shoe shopping.. to complete and round off one’s day!  I highly recommend it!

Have a terrific Tuesday and happy stitching!~P


  1. What an awesome shop! I can see why you want to go back!

  2. You made my entire day, week and year!!! I am for sure going to figure out a way to make it down there in this life time!! So did you find any patterns you had to have?

  3. I was wondering and I should have known, you lucky girl. I would have loved to go to their opening, my kind of store. I also love sketchers, I usually hit their outlet once a year and stock up on sneakers.


  4. Wow that was fun to see !!! I'd need to take out a home equity loan if I went there !!! Lol. Such beautiful things. It be hard to know what to buy. All so lovely !

  5. A shop full of Fun it is. Nice to meet a designer, too Glad you got to go and take pictures. CA isn't on my way to anywhere. :(

  6. How wonderful for you to see that store! I'm sure the quilts scattered throughout the store help sell lots of goodies.:) Would love to go there myself!

  7. Fantastic! How fun. Is there such a thing as quilter overload! :)

  8. Be still my heart! Oh what eye candy.

  9. Your photos are wonderful!!! So happy you got to go and enjoy!!

  10. I'm hyperventilating, Sweet P. I'm so glad Lisa let you take lots and lots of pictures.

    I see a big road trip in my future! :-)

  11. It was a good day out then? What a wonderful store.

  12. Love the industrial feel of the shop, the black really pops the quilts. Also loved the good-sport husband in one photo. He actually looks like he's enjoying himself. So much wool, I know you enjoyed yourself. This is definitely a quilt shop to revisit.

  13. Looks like you had a great time! Thanks for the tour...now where are the pictures of your loot?

  14. I'm so glad you did ask Lisa if you could take pictures and share them with us Paulette. This shop will definitely require a visit when I get to San Diego next.

    I almost went to their original store when I drove to Chicago two years ago but it was about 6 hours in the wrong direction,,,next time for sure when I don't have a deadline to get somewhere.

    Great inspiration...off to fondle some wool.

  15. Great review of the shop but I must of missed where in California it is. Can you let me know.

  16. Amazing shop. I can see I need a road trip!

  17. Lucky you---knew you would visit but didn't know you'd make opening day. So many choices, how did you decide?. Going to show the loot tomorrow? It is on my bucket list, as it's closer than the WI store. How many times are you going to go back before u have to head home. I think a project a month to keep u busy till you return in Dec.

  18. What a wonderful photo journey through the new store. It's obvious that PG has a huge following, me included.

  19. Thank for the tour of PG. I know I'll never get out to CA to see it. However, I do go to PG in Menasha, WI every Fall. Their quilt shops are very similar to their vending booth at quilt shows. So many wonderful things to see and stitch. 🐝

  20. How fun it would be to go there or to the shop in Menasha. Thanks for posting all of these pictures. I have kits to make several of the quilts in the pictures. I better get busy. Can't seem to stitch fast enough! :)

  21. My heart goes pitter patter at all the samples they have displayed. Lots of interesting pieces.

  22. Skechers are comfy shoes. Love those! But a Primitive Gatherings Quilt Shop in CA is the big star in this story! No need to travel to Menasha WI now that you've found heaven in CA. Looks like you thoroughly enjoyed your time at the shop and I'm happy for ya!

  23. I'm so happy you were there to take us on a tour. Would love to visit this shop one day.

  24. Thank you so much for posting the pictures!! I was at their Wisconsin shop today and dropped a bundle and had one of the best times....got a bunch of goodies!

  25. The store looks amazing! I've been to the Menasha shop a few times and it's always a wonderful experience.
    Thanks for sharing your pictures!
    Did you buy anything?

  26. What a great shop...and stopping into Sketchers on the way home is awesome too. What a great time you had... wish I had been with you!

  27. Gosh, I'm hyperventilating just looking at the photos! Tons of inspiration there. And temptation....