Wednesday, December 10, 2014

What To Do With an Old and Tattered QUILT…?

Turn it into a doll!!  My friend, Greer, went to a craft fair and came home with a little piece of history! The crafter took old quilts and turned them into adorable dolls!

How cute is this Santa!  And look at what his suit and hat are made of…Grandma’s old quilt!

Here’s the front…I should have taken a close up of his face as he was adorable!


And here is his back!


Seriously, if you have an old frayed quilt, look for the good spots…and cut them out and revamp them into dolls!  What a treasured keepsake that would be!! AND you could even gift the rest of the family with their own dolls so that they could have a piece of Grandma’s quilt too!  BRILLIANT! 

Since I don’t have any of Grandma’s quilts hanging around, I think I’ll  be keeping my eyes open for old quilts!!  ;o)  How about YOU?  Got any old quilts kicking around?

YOWZERS!!  Only 15 DAYS till the BIG Day?  Are you ready?

Have a wicked Wednesday and happy Stitching!~P


  1. An awesome idea and it reminds me that I have something else that's great fun made of a piece of an old quilt, as well. So, thank you for a wonderful idea and a really cute creation!

  2. I have a teddy bear made from an old quilt--the possibilities are endless

  3. LOVE the Christmas Santa Doll made with an old quilt. Great idea!

  4. HI, too cute (and thrifty!) !

  5. I love the look of dolls made from old quilts but ones here, cost too much to tear up;)


  6. I'm ready...just need to wrap gifts this weekend!! Oh and is that santa of yours not the cutest!!! LOVE HIM!!!

  7. That is a great idea! Very cute Santa doll!

  8. Home run! What a good use for the quilt piece. I could see making a block and doing something like that.

  9. very creative, no old quilts here apart from the hexie one I bought in the charity shop but I have plans to complete it rather than cut it up.

  10. Love the Santa! Next time I'm out thrifting I will be on the look out for old quilts!