Saturday, December 20, 2014

California,HERE WE COME…

A sure sign that we have arrived in SUNNY California is getting to PICK a bag of oranges!!  We always stay at the Orange Grove in Bakersfield and man, do they have oranges!  BIG, FAT, juicy, delicious oranges…you can pick a bag to take with you and eat all you want!  And are they ever good…you know, where the juice runs down your arms and you need to take a shower when you are finished eating one!IMG_2904

And another way to tell that we have been on the road for several days is that projects are starting to come together…like ‘Home for the Holidays’ by Primitive Gatherings….


Ooops…need to fix the candy canes!


All the appliques are now stitched down… I have to check and make sure that all the ‘special effects’ are done before I start stitching the printing…I will do that tomorrow during our LAST day of travel! (insert happy dance!!)


I’m sure glad we are traveling by truck and RV…and not by one of these things!  Where would I pack my sewing machine?

Have a Super Saturday and Happy stitching!~P


  1. Nice blocks. I like the reindeer one. I don't remember seeing this on Primitive Gatherings site.

  2. Those oranges look so good, nothing like fresh. You sure have gotten a lot done, beautiful blocks.


  3. Yes, that reindeer is my favourite too. If eight reindeer can carry toys for a few billion people, I'm sure one could manage your sewing machine. :D

    Enjoy your last day on the road!

  4. Looking forward to seeing it in "person", It is looking very sweet.

  5. your primitive gatherings is looking great how you stitch so beautifully whilst on the go is impressive. Oranges sound delicious

  6. OMG, "PICKING" oranges - a dream! :)
    Beautiful stitching!
    Have a safe trip today!
    Best wishes!

  7. Enjoy your winter Paulette!!! love that quilt too...

  8. You've certainly had a productive journey! Send oranges.....

  9. You are getting a lot accomplished on the trip down. Love it! The oranges look delicious!

  10. Juicy, fragrant oranges and Christmas just seem to go together. It is one of the things I remember from my childhood. We just don't seem to be able to get the oranges that we did back then.

    Your quilt is adorable and it is coming along so nicely. Happy holidays!

  11. Oh how very much I love your Christmas quilt! Glad your travels are going well and thanks for the quilt shop tour in your precious posts!! Lots of inspiration there!! Merry Christmas!

  12. Yum, fresh oranges.
    They are really cute blocks. I think I would have stabbed myself lots of times if I stitched in the car.

  13. Your blocks are so cute! And fresh oranges, oh my! Enjoy! Merry Christmas!