Saturday, December 6, 2014

A Primitive Christmas Blog Hop…

The Primitive Christmas Blog Hop started on Dec. 1st and it sure hasn’t disappointed…it has felt like Christmas morning each day that it has been on!!  This morning was no exception!

                bloghop (1)

The Cottage Over at Cardiff’s Farm gifted us with the cutest wool mug rug pattern and the recipe to Spiced Tea!  Yes, the pattern has already been printed off…along with two other projects from this same Blog Hop!! (I will also be printing off the Ice Skates Ornament…there was problems with the PDF…so I will go back!)


Gail Pan’s little chickadee mat is so sweet and Cheri’s Gingerbread mat is STINKING CUTE…and then along comes this Noel Mug Rug!! Yowzers!  The designers are out doing themselves…and this is ONLY day SIX!!  We STILL have EIGHT MORE days of Christmas excitement left!  Can we stand it?

So I am giving THE DESIGNERS a shout out…WE THANK YOU and appreciate these lovely patterns!!  We really do!  I know that it’s not easy to put together a projection…and a post…at this busy time of year!

You may remember other Designers’ Blog Hops from Christmases’ past…although it may have been called Home for Holidays Blog Hop…I DO remember THIS project that must be three or four years old, that came from just such a HOP-!  It was a gift from Granola Girl’s Blog and I got all fired up!  I had the wool cut before the day was finished!  :o)


Yes, it’s all stitched…and these wee mats REALLY DO reminds me of Christmases past!  So why isn’t it finished?…well…I just couldn’t decide whether to turn then into two pillows or one table mat? 


Decisions…decisions…maybe this is the year to get ‘er done!

Now if you missed any of the Primitive Christmas Posts, just hop on over to our HOST…Buttermilk Basin and you will get the links to all of the past (and future) posts and projects!  And then set your alarm so that you can get up nice and early for the next EIGHT DAYS…you don’t want to miss out on anything…

Hmmm…I wonder what will be waiting under our Cyber Christmas Tree to unwrap (I mean open) tomorrow…!  Enjoy!

Have a Super Saturday and Happy Stitching!~P


  1. Congrats, your blog was mentioned in today's blog hop for Press & Seal. I'm going to the store to buy some right now! 🐝

  2. Yep--I've got the Press N Seal on my grocery list--great tip!

  3. Been feelin' the love....great patterns..

  4. some lovely designs here, re the press and seal I presume it is what we call cling film here in the UK

  5. Your blocks are gorgeous SP. They'd make two lovely cushions.