Thursday, December 18, 2014

Something To Crow About…

…is the name of this lovely quilt shop…and YES, they have lots to Crow about!  Thought you’d like to see inside this sweet  shop that is located in Springfield, Oregon…just off the I-5…IMG_2872 - Copy

I’m going to let you wander…!

IMG_2873 - CopyIMG_2874 - CopyIMG_2875 - CopyIMG_2876 - CopyIMG_2877 - CopyIMG_2878 - CopyIMG_2879 - CopyIMG_2880 - CopyIMG_2882 - CopyIMG_2883 - CopyIMG_2884 - CopyIMG_2885 - Copy

I LOVE this stocking quilt…they were sold out of patterns last Christmas and they STILL don’t have the pattern for it!  I stopped here on my way home in March because they assured me the pattern would be in by then…and it wasn’t!  It’s still not in…I think it’s time to take this baby down!



IMG_2887 - CopyIMG_2888 - Copy

On Sale…everything that is Patriotic…wouldn’t you know it!

IMG_2889 - CopyIMG_2890 - CopyIMG_2891 - Copy

Stuff even on the roof!

IMG_2892 - CopyIMG_2893 - Copy

I was lucky enough to catch Joyce Dean Gieszle’s Trunk Show…

IMG_2894 - CopyIMG_2895 - CopyIMG_2896IMG_2897

She was promoting her latest book….Then and Now Quilts!


So there you have it…the FIRST Quilt Show of the Season!!  Let the good times roll!!  Thanks for traveling along with us!

Tomorrow we are heading to Corning, CA!  Be there or be square!  Happy Stitching!~P


  1. Hope you are having good driving and therefore stitching weather.

  2. That shop has more samples made up than you can visually take in. I could do some damage in there.

  3. That is quite the shop and so many finished items to tempt you;)


  4. So close yet so far!! I go by there when I go to mom's, they have 2 strand cosmos, I love it! And a very nice selection of wool!!
    Safe travels....

  5. It's a great store! Love going there when I'm in the area visiting family.:)

  6. Thanks for the tour. That's a lot of eye candy.

  7. Good to hear from you! Thanks for sharing this lovely shop.

  8. Love that store, have Geen stopping in for many years when heading down I-5. Could they at least tell you the designer, maybe you can find it at Road to California in January?

  9. what a wonderful store, How I would love to have a quilt shop near at hand to visit like this one, mind you I don`t think any quilt shops in the UK are as good as this

  10. Great store, so many lovely things.

  11. You just left and you're shopping already???


    Have fun, my friend.

  12. I was admiring those wooly pincushions, then I thought, wait, didn't I already admire them last year? Still like them!

    LOTs of tempting stuff there. Did your wallet make it out intact? On to California!

  13. Looks like your trip south is off to a good start. What a jammed packed shop.

  14. many things to look at. I didn't see that you purchased anything tho. I can't imagine that!

  15. Weather is supposed to be a bit windy, but drier in NorCal tomorrow. I'll be waving as you pass thru the south side of Redding!

  16. You always do such good tours. It's so nice of you to share your quilty experiences. Have a good trip!