Monday, July 2, 2012

Canada Day Happenings…

Blogland is hopping!!  Our friends south of the border are ringing in their 4th of July with a RED, WHITE and BLUE Blog Hop!!  And they are doing a Bang up job…complete with firecrackers..and Give Aways!!  Today is Day TWO…YOU have GOT to go and have a look…

Here is the master schedule for the

Red White and Blue Blog Hop

Have fun!!

July 1st

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***TODAY~July 2nd********************************************

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July 3rd

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July 4th


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July 5th

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July 6th

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July 7th

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crafty imaginings by jen

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Grandmama's Stories

July 8th

Amanda Murphy

The Slow Quilter

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Diane P (I will host)


July 9th

Home Designs by Amanda

A Stitch in Time

Karen ~ Briarside Lane

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July 10th

Tinks mom


Quilted Sisca (I will Host)

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July 11th
Nancy R

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July 12th

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Kim Sherrod Studio

July 13th

Cat Patches

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Kathy H (I will host)

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July 14th

Diann C  (I will host)

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Susie’s World

July 15th

Pink Pincushion

Quilting Nana

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PigTales and Quilts

July 16th

Patchouli Moon Studio

Scrappy pieces

little bits quilting

busy as can be

Madame Samm

WHEW!!  That’s going to keep us busy for almost the whole month of July!!

How clever of the Blog Hoppers to have listed all of the Blog Hop Projects on Pinterest for our viewing pleasure…Go HERE for a peak at what has been produced in the last two days!! Amazing projects for sure!!  If you go to Madame Samm’s blog everyday and click on her side Red, White and Blue BLog Hop button you can see what’s been added!  Very clever, don’t you think!!  Ahhhh the marvels of the Internet!


Yesterday was a busy day!!  I got this far with my Roman Shades before I needed to go to Home Depot for supplies…ie..eye hooks, wood, ‘L’ brackets and ‘wall cleat thingy’(…hey don’t laugh..the guy at Home Depot knew EXACTLY what I meant!


I am LOVING the fabric!!


And it’s ALWAYS a bonus (and a surprise!) when the math works out!!  I am hoping to get this baby up and working today…fingers are crossed (and so are my toes!)


Then after lunch we went for a long two hour hike up along Holland Creek…

Gorgeous views of the creek…and the trail was fairly level UNTIL…


..we discovered these steps with a sign that promised views of Ladysmith and the surrounding area…these steps were just the beginnings of an upward climb…What a workout!!


AND I guess these are the ‘views’ they promised!  Oh well…the heart’s in good shape after that workout!


Rylie and Molly drink from every mud puddle and stagnate pool they can find (I’m sure they do it on purpose, just to hear our NO! NO!NOs!)…then when we give them crisp, clear mountain water, they turn their noses up at it!!  Geeze…Dogs!


Then after dinner, I noticed this shrub…YIKES!!  (It’s just a spreading juniper but I have been trimming it for the last 10 years.  It either this or death!!  It’s just too big!)


TIME for a hair-cut!  So I got out my clippers!!  EVERYONE runs when I get THESE out!!


THERE!  Kind of like when the dogs come home from the Groomers!  Give it a couple of weeks and it will look great!

P1190156Yup!  It was a great Canada Day!  I got to sew, hike and play with my SAW! 

Anything else around here need trimming??P1190180


They don’t call me Paulette Bunyan for nothin’…eh!

Have a Magical Monday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. Paulette Bunyan...that's a good one! Glad you enjoyed playing with your saw. You could start a new blog for "sawyers" instead of "sewers".

  2. Our Dog, Treacle, does exactly the same! She will drink out of the dirty bird bath when right next to it is her outdoor water bowl with clean fresh water in it! Must have a taste of "vintage wine"! Can't wait to see the blinds up. Susie x